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Couldn't resist

Max and Tom have become voracious little readers - a habit I actively encourage.  We often end up in bookshops topping up our supply of chapter books and other treats.

Our bub-to-be, when she is old enough, will be very unimpressed with the selection on offer in our house.  Other than some lovely classics from my childhood or well-read godparents, there is shelf after shelf of books on road construction, marine life, emergency rescue vehicles, spy kids, trains, space, natural disasters, dinosaurs and the like.

Little cat So when I found myself browsing in a bookstore with the boys the other week I couldn't resist this beautiful book

The illustrations are just sublime, and the colour palette so appealing.

Even the boys appreciate it (it is about a large vehicle after all.)

Little Cat 1

The illustrations are by Anna Walker.

Little Cat 2

A school bus in the perfect red.

Little Cat 4

Even the back cover is irresistible.

Little Cat 5



Oh, it is a truly beautiful book. I bought it for my six year old daughter who is catching a school bus this year and she loves all of it - the illustrations but also the story.


your life will certainly turn pink soon...

The 6 O'Clock Stitch

Thanks for introducing me to this one. We'll have to snatch one up!


i love this book & the illustrations are so beautiful

it is a hit with BOTH the girl & boy child in our house :-)

Jean C.

You may also be surprised to know that little girls may also like big vehicles... our's did!
At one point my kids were with my parents and they stopped to look at the tree logging equipment. My son kept saying these are big suckers!!! And our daughter crawled into some sort of thing with a huge scoop, and said to my mom... look at me... I'm a big piece of dirt! My folks still have fond memories of those days!
Yep.... my son and this one daughter are now either 30 or a bit over now!
Enjoy your little ones... they grow up wayyyy to fast! Although, now I'm getting grandchildren! Life is good! LoL


Yes this is a lovely book, I love the illustrations we have it too.


My little girls also have this beautiful book on their bookshelf, along side "dazzling diggers" and the like!!!


love the illustrations. off to check on us availability.

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