Couldn't resist
Adelaide sleeps here

A quiet house

I love pottering around the house at night when all is quiet.  Will is overseas and the children are asleep.  It's close to midnight and I'm making chicken stock.


Maybe it's the colder weather, or maybe its because I'm ravenously hungry at the moment, but I'm enjoying cooking right now.  Last night I made Jamie Oliver's meatballs and the boys declared they were as good as Maria's.

Maria is the Italian nanny who used to look after the boys for many years.  She was a wonderfully traditional Italian cook and made meatballs regularly for them.  I was immensely chuffed when they gave their verdict.

Soon I'll wake Adelaide for a feed and then head off to bed.  Osso bucco and potato and leek soup tomorrow.

Image via Unruly Things.



i love a quiet night time house too. my husband too is overseas and the children were asleep and i was enjoying an early bedtime, but all that changed at 1.30am with a vomiting 3 yr old. oh well, an extra pair of hands would have been lovely. but we're cosy-ed up today watching princess shows and looking at mummy's books. love your bassinet in the window.


Are the meatballs from The Naked Chef? If so, they are magnificent aren't they? We're only just getting the quiet evening thing happening 6 months into parenthood for the first time (it's taking us a while to work these things out!), but it's blissful!


Oh this blogging world cracks me up sometimes, read my post that I just put up...maybe it's something in the Melbourne air.

I made my own stock for the first time a few weeks ago (the only type Eddie can have). It is brilliant and I was surprise how easy.

Loving all of those baby shots of Adelaide.

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