A quiet house
Where do the days go?

Adelaide sleeps here

When I was pregnant with Tom I found this bassinet in a babywares second hand store.


In the 7 years I have owned it, it has been in constant use amongst my circle of friends.  I love to think of all the little babies who have spent their first weeks and months sleeping here.

Bassinet 1

Adelaide is swaddled up tight, wrapped in wool and sleeping soundly.  Hopefully she will be happy sleeping in the bassinet until she is at least three months.



How beautiful! That is such a precious sight. There is nothing quite like a little baby sleeping - and in such a lovely bassinet, with such a warm history.


Ohmygosh! Are those ever gorgeous pictures. She's such a beautiful baby!


My little niece Bella is due to be born in the next 24 hours, mum is being inducedthis afternoon, and I have lent my sister the bassinet my boys slept in and it is a replica of yours. Can't wait to see my niece enjoying her sleeps in the same place my boys did.


oh adorable!!! it looks straight out of a beautiful magazine and the pillow is perfect! Sadly the twins didn't use the basinette but its carefully stored for when we have baby number 4! I loved the basinette and keira would sleep anywhere in it with the dishwasher or tv going! so handy!


Beautiful. We also have a bassinet that has been well used and loved for over 70yrs. I am glad to see that you kept that beautiful cushion and where did you find the raspberry blanketing/ It's beautiful.


Just beautiful. I love using a bassinet, even if only for a short amount of time. Mine looks very similar to your.


HI Kristine

Just wanted to say Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl "Adelaide" Such a gorgeous name and she is so cute. Love the photos and laughed out loud at the heading "Meet the Nanny". Hope all is well, it really is such a special time with the other children when a new baby is born. Oh and I just knew that cushion was for you!


hmm...wish i was adelaide...she looks so snuggly lying there in the sunlight...


How precious.
What a sweet pea! You almost forget how teeny tiny they are. She looks like a baby doll.



Love the embroidery & colour of the blanket. You do need to stop posting such beautiful photos of her as I'm feeling really clucky & going through the "would it really be too stressful to have number 4 at 40.5 years?". After the grumpy morning I had today then the answer is yes, but seeing pictures of Adelaide makes me think, well maybe ...


What a sweet, snuggly little bundle she is, and what a lovely sunny nook for a nap! Her pillow is absolutely gorgeous and I love the raspberry red and white color scheme -- so fresh and unexpected.

 Jean C.

So sweet! Lovely bassinet. A family friend who's family started a tradition; where everyone who uses/ed the bassinet writes the childs name who uses it on the bottom in small letters with the date on it. It's neat to see the history of it all...
Your last post made me hungry. I have a recipe for Leek and Sausage Soup that is just wonderful on a cold/rainy or snowy day... excellant with hard rolls or bread and a salad! Let me know if you would like it!


Serene and beautiful - and your monogram is divine - love your choice of colour - as usual! xxx


Her sleepy place is absolutely beautiful! What a lucky baby. . . lucky babes you have had.


Hi Kristine,

Congratulations on the birth of lovely Adelaide. She's gorgeous. I love her stylish bassinet and red blanket!

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