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Today I was out and about sourcing more coat fabrics.  While picking up a roll of navy wool/angora I found a really cute pea green wool/cashmere.  I thought a pea green coat lined in navy gingham would be sweet on a little red headed boy, for example.

Pea green cashmere

On the way home I dropped into my local quilting shop.  I had the swatch of pea green in my handbag and it wasn't until I paired it with a pretty Liberty and another great floral that I realised it would be equally cute on a little girl.

A little green eyed blonde would look sweet in these fabrics.  I think I'll ring the supplier tomorrow and order a roll.



Yes please - I can just see Miss Cordelia in such lovely colours this time next year!


Oh where oh where you do buy such luscious wool - I am always forever loking for wools, are they places us normal folk can buy from???


I love these fabrics.... so fresh and beautiful!


I gave you the One Lovely Blog award on my blog today ;)

happy weekend!!!

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