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Some work time

Yesterday Will took the 4 children and 2 dogs to the park which left me in a quiet house for a few hours.

Sample dress

I put the time to good use and made some headway on a set of patterns I need to grade for a summer dress.  To test the pattern I made a size 6 to try on Tom.

Sample dress1

I'll be happy when Adelaide has grown a bit and I have a small fit model again.  The boys are all getting a little older now and I no longer have a fit model at the bottom end of my size range.  I have to call on neighbours and nearby customers if I want to try a sample garment for a 1 or 2 year old.



Oooh, this looks really cute. Think of all the fun you'll have when Adelaide is older -- your very own little girl as your model!


But don't wish to grow up too soon!


The glimpse of the new pattern is delicious! And the pansy fabric for the yoke is beautiful - what a simple summer combination, perfect.


I am really looking forward to seeing your upcoming range of summer dresses. My baby girl was born around the same time as Adelaide (15th May) and so I have been following your blog very closely over the recent months. I'm looking forward to dressing my little girl in some of your pretty pieces!


aaah lovely quiet time. i'm looking forward to some sewing or knitting time tomorrow. love that foral yoke.

 Jean C.

The fabric is lovely, so summery! Nothing like sewing in a quiet house! I have a little model now too... with our new little granddaughter! Guess I need to get busy with some more sewing for her!
Hope that you enjoyed the day!

Tea Rose

I love the fabric, so lovely. You have such a great style.

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