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Lovely sunshine

The railway children

Yesterday was a sunny winter's day.  We took the boys to the lovely Melbourne Train Museum

Train museum 2

The only reason I knew this place existed was because my brother had a birthday party there when he was about 6.  That was back in the 70's.

The boys loved it.  Henri was so excited and we all loved climbing into the cabs of the wonderful old steam engines.

My favourite was the sleeper carriage, complete with pressed metal ceilings and mosaic tiled floors.

Train museum 1

If you have boys and live in Melbourne I highly recommend a visit.  It's in Williamstown.


two little buttons

what a great place. with 2 boys i'm off to have a look in the holidays. thanks


There is a similar place in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney called the Zig Zag Railway which is fabulous. They even have special days when they have Thomas the Tank days and Hogwarts Express days. We usually stay the weekend in the Mountains and make it a real adventure. My two little boys (4 and 2.5 yrs) just love it. In fact we're going there the weekend of the 16th of July when Thomas the Tank visits.


What a fantastic idea. My eldest son would absolutely love it.

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