Adelaide sleeps here
Too cute

Where do the days go?

Customer service is not what it used to be at Townmouse.  A few unlucky customers have had to wait a little too long for their orders.  The days slip by so quickly.  But hey, I've got the happy hormones coursing through my system so I'm not phased (although those unlucky customers have received discounts on their orders to reward their patience). 

I'm just feeling an immense sense of achievement having survived the first of three weeks of winter school holidays with four children!

At Bunnings I'm not trying to conquer the world.  Our days consist of simple challenges.  Today we went to Bunnings to buy hard-to-find globes for Adelaide's night-light.

To keep my most active son in line I strapped Adelaide to his front.  Tom's the one who would normally be running up the down escalator and drawing greasy looks from other shoppers.

But he's slipped into the role of doting carer and has left his "bad boy" label to his younger brother.  I think his little sister could be the making of him.  (By the look on her face, Adelaide's not so sure.)

So I only had two sons running up the down escalator.  The other was drawing admiring glances from fellow shoppers.  Who would have thought?



Aren't those admiring looks from other people the best, especially those you get from the elderley. Can make one feel quite smug ;-) That is until one of the other children bring you crashing back to reality.
It's must be so lovely to see these relationships forming between the boys and Adelaide. It looks as if Adelaide is going to be his special one. Beautiful!


How gorgeous. My little man just adores his little sister too, I hope it stays that way when they are older.


what a beautiful son you have, his little sister is so special and lucky. what long holidays you have! we're about to head into 2 weeks of winter school hols, but here in currumbin they're not so cold. but we have just survived 3 weeks of sickness with daddy overseas. not feeling that sense of achievement yet, still in survival mode!


congratulations Kris, on the arrival of Adelaide - she is beautiful. Glad you have tamed your eldest - he looks so angelic.

enjoy the rest of the holidays.


oh I love it!!! if only keira could carry one of the twins around.....she is always getting looks and not always for the right reasons. I'm sure you get looks for having 4 beautiful children!!!!

don't worry, my customer service went right out the door and I had a few ladies ask where their orders were when the twins were born but now I wished I had kept up the store instead of having to rebuild it again!

 Jean C.

When my son was 8 his youngest sister was born... he has 3! He is the oldest child of 4. When he was 12 and she was 4... he asked if "he" could take her to the movie... by himself!.... "Little Mermaid"! They have been pretty close ever since! He also took her to Prom! Nice to know you kids love each other!


Amazing, responsibility to tame the wild urges of boys, who would have thought!
I thought of your smocking pursuits today when I cam across a stunning little dress, it is the louisette-dress by noro. Very modern smocking...check it out, it looks like just your thing,(only handmade of course).

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