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Some days...

... just seem to go right and everything falls into place.  Then other days are the opposite.  With a new baby you get both, and you can never anticipate which way things will go.


At 11 weeks Adelaide is still too young to have a predictable routine during the day.  She's great at night and has been sleeping through consistently since 5 weeks (I know I'm very lucky in that regard), but days are a bit harder to judge.


Some days she'll sleep for 3 hours, and I get lots done and feel on top of things.


On other days I just start to concentrate on something when I hear her calling from the bassinet.  Then I get a bit of exercise - we head out with the pram and she's happy to sleep while I walk.


Work seems under control and is not stressing me too much.  I managed to upload all the content for my summer range to the website earlier this week.  That's a big job that takes many, many late night hours.


Over the next few weeks my manufacturers will complete all my summer styles.  At that point I'll let my mailing list know the summer range is here.  Until then I'll enjoy a saner work pace.

Cooking tips from movie stars

Of all the current actors and actresses in movies today, one of my favourites is Gwyneth Paltrow.  Mostly because she seems to be remarkably well adjusted with a strong sense of self.  That to me, makes her engaging to watch.  And then when you see interviews with her parents, its obvioius why.  She is the product of very sound parenting. 


I get the Goop newsletters.  Do you?  I watched with interest this short clip of Gwyneth in a beautiful kitchen.  I wouldn't mind dishing up family meals in that kitchen.  And I'm coveting that lovely baking dish.

I tried the trick with the potatoes.  It's a great tip.   The internet is a wonderful thing when you're getting cooking tips from your favourite movie stars. 

Jam jars

One of my favourite finds in Japan last year were some very cute jam jars picked up in the kitchen section of Loft.

Jam jars

What I like about them is that there is no thread for a screw-top lid, which means they look very pretty with their lids off.

Here, one is storing home-made taragon infused mayonnaise.  When they're not storing food in the fridge they look pretty as little vases.

All in one place

I have a large quantity of hand sewing needles for all different purposes.  I use straws or milliners needles for hand quilting, embroidery needles for cross stitch, small quilting needles for applique and then ordinary sewing needles for taking up a hem or stitching on a button.

Needlecase mosaic

Until now I haven't had a home for all those stray needles other than in a pincushion or stuck into the end of the ironing board.

I made the little dragonfly cross stitch into a needlecase with woollen 'pages' for the needles.

Taking note

I was excited to receive an email from Notemaker the other day to say they have launched a sister site called Inscriber, stocking the finest stationery from around the world.

The G Lalo brand has been a favourite of mine for years, after first buying it at Melbourne's Georges department store about twenty years ago.  I find their bordered cards particularly lovely.

G Lalo KL

I use a paper embosser to personalise them with my initials, with a monogram from this book

Now when I run out, I'll be able to stock up locally.  Yay.

Local giveaway

For months now I've been stepping over a big pile of lovely brown paper in my studio.  Will brought it home from his office for me  - they used it for wrapping wool samples.  Each sheet is 115 x 75 cms.  It's lighter weight than traditional  patterncard, but still heavy enough to hang from a patternhook.


I use it when I'm developing patterns.  But I have too much of it to store.  If any local Melbourne readers would like a roll of sheets, please leave a comment.  You could come and pick it up, as it's too hard to post.

If you have a favourite store bought pattern that you use often, you may want to transfer it to patterncard.  It makes such a difference to your dressmaking for several reasons.  Firstly, it's much quicker to mark a pattern onto fabric when you simply trace around the card; and secondly, your patternpieces will be more accurate. 

Then again, there are probably many other uses for this card...

Update: Thank you, all given away.  The six local commenters will each get a roll of about 15 sheets.

Point de croix

How happy was I to come home from our holiday to a delivery from Amazon France?

Point de Croix

I had ordered a selection of craft books after reading this divine blog.

So when the boys got down to the business of Lego, I made a pot of tea and enjoyed flicking through these lovely books.  I can get easily bored with cross stitch, but when the designs are this pretty it's worth the effort.


I think I'll make a little needlebook case from this, to keep my quilting, cross stitch, applique and other needles in order.