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August 2009

Kinder celebration

Yesterday Henri's kinder had their "Celebration" - not really a concert, but more a showcase of the special projects that have captured the children's interest.

Last term Henri started talking about dead mummies in boxes.  A rather macabre subject for 4 year olds I thought, until I realised he was talking about Egyptian mummies.


This is what he and his best friend Molly had to say about them: "The Egyptians wrapped up the Mummies when they died.  They wrapped mummies and daddies and even kids.  They wrapped up cat mummies and crocodiles; they wanted to take them to their other life."

Henri's contribution to the celebration was a set of mummified crocodiles.  Priceless.

All time fave

I have an all time favourite fabric.  I've loved it for years.  It's a shirt weight swiss cotton in the most wonderful red that can also read as a pink, depending on what you put it with.

Summer dress

I've used it in quilts, and in Townmouse ranges past.  It's frightfully expensive so most of the time I've used it sparingly - to trim a neckline, for example.

E-mail_hero Sadly the fabric is no longer available from the wholesaler. 

I've even tried to have it replicated by a shirting fabric mill in Turkey.  But they couldn't match the perfect colour.

Now I'm left with only the smallest remnants in my stash.  No piece is too small to keep for a future applique, quilt block or trim.

I had just enough to make this dress for Adelaide.  It's a size 0, so will fit her this coming summer.  I have a little ruffled bikini bottom in the same fabric that she can wear under it to cover her nappy.

Summer dress detail