New Frill Jeans
The perfect outing for a Spring day

New tools

I felt it was high time I invested in a new cutting mat.

Old mat

I had worn such deep grooves in my old mat from cutting out too many creche bag panels.  I use the mat and a rotary cutter to cut out all my sample garments and sewing.  There were certain measurements on the mat I had to avoid if I wanted a clean cut.

New mat It's not until I compare to a shiny new mat that I realise how dire my equipment was.  So with a new blade in my rotary cutter, it was on to cutting out new creche bag panels.  As the orders pick up towards Christmas I want to get some of the fabric bolts off the floor and into the drawers in the form of cut pieces.

Circus fabric 


clare's craftroom

New blade and a new mat , settle down ! What a difference it will make for you .


Wow, you have really used your old mat well. You definitely deserve a new one! Enjoy many happy hours of cutting!

 Jean C.

You are getting too organized for me!!! LoL...
Good for you! Have you seen the mat smoother's? They kind of smooth down the old digs, cut marks and help it to heal a bit between use... of course, the one you had was really far gone! But, it might be a wise investment for this new one! I also use the rotary blade sharpener too... it does really work! I've extended my blades for a long time! People who used to bring their old blades into the shop I worked at (fabric shop) sometimes left their old ones with me... I gladly took them home and sharpened them to use! Talk about recycling!
Cute new pants set too!


Ooh yes, I think it's about time that I got myself a new cutting mat as well. Mine's looking a little the worse for wear. And amazing what a new rotary blade can do!

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