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Red shoes

Start Rites I look forward to the time when I can buy Adelaide a pair of little Mary Jane Sonnet shoes in red.  I love red shoes.  I always have a pair in my wardrobe.  They lift my mood when I wear them.

And I particularly love this English brand of shoes.  All our children have had a first pair of shoes like this.  Max and Tom had them in navy.  Henri had a divine chocolate pair that I bought in New York.  They looked particularly sweet when worn with his chocolate cashmere Townmouse coat.  (Yes, I know they are girl's shoes, but if they're good enough for the Princes of Wales...)

Red floral

This floral fabric will make a sweet dress to accompany the future pair of shoes.  Maybe in a style similar to this.  Or maybe with a collar - something like this.



I love red shoes too.

My first pair of shoes (34 years ago) were from England and were red.


I wear red shoes/sandals all the time, red is my favourite colour so I actually wear all the time, whetehr it be an item of clothing, shoes or jewelry. It just makes me feel happy and alive.
I have a picture of when I was 3 wearing my first Mary Janes and they were red, so I think it started then my love afair with red.
I love the little a-line dress with the collar, I would go with that.


i too love red shoes and always have a pair or two in my cupboard, often mary janes in fact.

i have to be careful that sasha and I aren't both wearing our red mary janes at the same time. a bit twee to match!


oh, those shoes are beautiful kristine! I am really enjoying watching adelaide's wardrobe unfold & I think they will be the perfect first shoes down the track.

Willow's first shoes were navy start-rite mary janes, they are now safely tucked away in her memory box with lots of other special things.


Red shoes always remind me of you Kris.

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