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For Christmas, Will gave me an e-reader (a Kindle thingy).  And I love it.

I do adore a house filled with books.  I have some favourite books that I would never part with.  But there are many books I read that, once read, I'm not fussed whether they go or stay.  An e-reader is perfect for this sort of read. 

My bedside table has gone from this:

Bedroom before

To this:

Bedroom after

All those books are going out.  The worthy reads will go onto my bookshelves.  The fluffy stuff will go.

Now who wants the Twilight series?



What a nifty gadget. I like the new bedside look. Haven't read an Twilight, is it as good as people are saying????


E-readers are a fantastic idea aren't they! I love your new look bedside table! Have a lovely day - Tina x


SO jealous of your Kindle. I know of so many folks here in the states who got one for Christmas..must have been THE gift. Hang on to the girl may want to read it. Mine has read and re-read so many times and I keep telling her: "there are so many other wonderful books out those!"


i'd love room for a bedside table. i have a shelf running along above my head, gets a little precarious with my reading pile!


I haven't been here for a while, but I still enjoy your space!!


My husband loves his Kindle, I've tried to borrow it but he just won't stop reading!


Your before and after pictures are exactly like my night stand after I got my Kindle! Happy reading!

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