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Restocking the studio

It's that time of year when my fabric stash grows in anticipation of new ranges and production runs to come.

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Just before Christmas I visited one of my preferred shirting fabric suppliers.  I was in need of a good plain white shirting cotton for little girl's winter blouses.  I always love poring over swatch books and dreaming of what garments might come from them.

It's an occupational hazard though, the all too easy justification for feeding a fabric addiction.  I tell myself it will be perfect in the range, when in reality, it's just about coveting fabric and wanting to possess a few metres of it.


As well as the white, all these will soon be mine, all mine.



Its just making me drool. I have identical twin boys who I like to dress similarly not the same - I am seriously in love with the two colour checks with orange and blue. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them all. Nic


Oh wow - getting to look at and choose so many beautiful fabrics would be my idea of heaven! I would be happy just to look at those sample cards above all day long:) Your chosen fabrics look so beautiful, I ca't wait to see what you make with them all. - Tina


I know the feeling. You have to have, it you can't quite fully justify it but you know you will make some use of it. They all look divine. xoxo


You were starting to sound a little unhinged at the end there Kris - step away from the fabric...


ohhh lovely! all those gorgeous fabrics! I'm patiently waiting for everything from the quilt show...ok not so patiently!

I love all the colours on the samples!


oh yes, it's an addiction, and one I hope you don't get over any time soon!


I just love your blog, but it was not until I read this post that I had to laugh out loud. Isn't that what makes all of us so addicted to sewing. Lovely and beautiful fabrics. I am still laughing.

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