A horse of course
A weeklong retreat

An embarrassment of riches

More than a thousand metres of fabric have landed in my studio in the last few weeks.  That's only half of what is due, and then more still will bypass my studio and go straight to my manufacturer.  I haven't received my Liberty order yet - that's always one I look forward to.

Sunny top

So while I might be low on stock, there is an excess of fabric.  The space is a little tight, but there are worse things I could surround myself with.

The above fabric is one that is destined for summer dresses - the happy colour I just couldn't ignore.  Somehow this pretty fabric didn't speak to me in the other colourways; I only liked the yellow.

This is a sample of the winter top style (that I still haven't put into production).  Adelaide test drove the sample on the weekend and I'm happy to say I liked it just as much at the end of the day.


 Jean C.

The colors are wonderful... I would love to see the other colors in the wheel! The horse riding looks like fun... I haven't been on a horse for years.


so cute! I'm lucky that most of the fabric arrives in the daytime so hubby doesn't see the huge boxes arrive!



Lucky you. Must be fun taking receipt of the fabric. I love that yellow print, it's divine....


oh gorgeous - and all that fabric! I would faint! :) I will have to come back and see you again soon.


It's a beautiful fabric with a very French look isn't it.


That fabric is absolutely gorgeous! And I'm very jealous! :)


Yay! Lots of offcuts for my quilts I hope!!!

Anne Marie

I would love to go textile shopping together with you. You have such an eye for beautiful prints.


working with such beautiful fabrics must give you so much pleasure. I especially love about your collections that you don't pick a print and do it in several colours - you take the best of the best (with your keen eye), and it shows!

Lucky Adelaide, again.



You have the best eye! This print just makes me smile.


I'm loving this top and would desperately like one for my little girl. Your style is amazing. x

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