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An organised kitchen

In my attempts to be a little more organised I have streamlined the process of feeding the family.

Glass storage

I picked up these lovely storage containers over summer.  I much prefer storing food in glass, rather than plastic.  These are for keeping Adelaide's mashed vegies in the fridge.

Flylady mentions the importance of menu planning.  This is something I've always been terrible at.  I'm trying it (and doing quite badly at the moment).

Organised kitchen

The above two things have helped.  A shopping list of all the things I usually buy, by category.  This works as a reminder too.  I can do a quick pantry 'stocktake'.  All I have to do is read over my list and tick the boxes.

I store a supply of these lists in the front pocket of my recipe folder.  If a recipe is good enough to be made more than a couple of times it makes it into my folder.  That saves me dribbling food spills over good cook books too.  It's one of those folders where you can pull out the plastic sleeves.  So if need be I can grab the page as I'm flying out the door to the market (if I haven't done my pantry stocktake and shopping list preparation, that is).

So I'm not there yet, but with a few pretty props I'm on the way.  (Happy to share my shopping list with anyone who wants it.  It's in Microsoft Exel so you can easily edit it for your own ingredients.)

What keeps you organised in the kitchen?  I'd love to know your secrets.



I'm reading this, nodding my head, I'm trying to be more organised in the shopping department too. I'd love to grab a copy of your list and tweak it to come up with my own list. That might same me some time working out my own.


Ha, I've been 'flying' for a few years on and off. Wonderful isn't it? Actually, I'm more of a fledgeling :)
As I snuggle under the covers on a Sunday night I write my menu in my diary for the weekdays of the upcoming week. It gives focus and creates calm in the house in the evenings.
I also double up on Spag Bol and Casseroles so there are always meals in the freezer, ready to go, when I fall of my Flylady perch.
I must really get back into Flying properly, life is so much calmer and better directed - thanks for the reminder :)


Oh, forgot, where did you pick up those fab containers from? Or did you order them from the States?

two little buttons

i would love a copy of your list... i try to br organised but sometimes it all just runs away, i must read fly lady more !!!


yes please - I'd love a copy of your list. Working part time and trying to keep home running smoothly is my constant goal. I love any list that will help!!


I've never had glass storage containers, but seeing your pretty picture makes me want them!

I hate taking the time to plan our menu, but I love starting my week with the menu planned out. I've always been a menu planner. We have a calendar day book and each week I write the meal for each day and then have the shopping list on the same pages. Then hubby just takes the little book to the grocery store. It's also fun because when I get in a menu rut, I can go back a few years and see what we were eating.

Good Luck with your new system!


Yes please, I'd love you list. I cleaned out the pantry last week and started a list but haven't typed it up yet.

I love glass storage containers too, I am slowly getting rid of the plastic ones and a saw a glass set at costco recently that I think I'll go back for.

I'm not very organised in the kitchen as I don't cook much but my favourite baking recipes are on a 'cheat sheet' which is laminated and lives on the fridge.


Would love your list as well.. and must get into the glass storage idea. Shiver to think about what is in the plastic ones we use.


Those storage containers are great Kristine, where did you uy them.
I plan a menu on Sunday night and then write down what I need for each recipe, very time consuming, but essential. As I use things up, eg vegemite, I note them down on my shopping list and buy them (I always have a spare of everything in the cupboard). Wouldn't mind your pantry list, I need to do a stocktake in the next 2 weeks so I would find your spreadsheet useful.
PS The photos of your boys are delightful, I've got a course coming up in May which I am looking forward to.

Anne Marie

The shopping list is an excellent idea. Especialy for those weeks that are so busy you don't have the time to think. One would just have to see the list, all the thinking would already have been done :-)


I'd love a copy of your shopping list - just going back to work - this will help immensely


love your tips and I really should be more organised in the kitchen! some weeks I am and others I decide on the day that I feel like something for dinner that I have no ingredients for!!!!!!

I think by october I need to be super organised! But I will admit having my slow cooker is taking some of the leg work out of cooking lately!



I'd love a copy of the shopping list please. We've started going to Queen Vic markets every Saturday morning as a family. We start the morning off with breakfast which is lovely as it's one of the few times we have together as a family due to everyones work, sports and homework committments. We then venture to the deli section, fish & meat and lastly fruit and vege. This has cut out most of those trips to the supermarket after work when you run in for milk and butter and come out with 5 shopping bags. I let the fresh seasonal produce dictate the weeks menu now.


Hi Kristine,
Thanks for your post, it has inspired me to tidy up all my recipe clippings and try your list idea! If you could send me your shopping list spreadsheet I'd be very grateful.


Well now. Just stumbled here, somehow, and am quite smitten (the Max and Henri bit helps, as I have one of each also). The glass boxes are smashing, and I'm a big fan of the custom list, also. I'm completely useless when it comes to menu planning, though -- much prefer to ad lib it, I'm afraid. I like to think it helps keep us close to what's fresh and local, though that's probably just a crutch. Lovely spot, this.


When I get 'on a roll' and plan our menu life is just so much easier! I bought a book called 'Table Tucker' from Big W in Aus for about $15 and it is awesome!! You can control your pantry yearly and they have plans for each season with weekly, monthly and yearly shopping lists. You are encouraged to cook 2 (different) meals say on a Sunday and then you have Monday's meal ready in the fridge to reheat.


Would love a copy of your shopping list. We have a Recipe Club and share recipes we have found to be successful and great for families. We met once a month and have a different theme every time.


Hi Kristine, I would love to get a copy of your list. This is right on the top of my to do pile. With a new baby in the house, I need to pick up on my organizational skills. Thanks in advance.


I use exactly the same recipe system as you - how funnY!! I have those exact folders (one for salads, one for desserts, one for pasta etc) and a recipe doesn't make my folders unless it has 'passed the test' on our family :) Great minds think alike :) I menu plan too, it's the only way I can do my shopping efficiently and it helps waste less food as well as helping us more healthily. On a Monday, I sit down with my recipe books/folders and a cuppa and plan our meals for the week and write out our corresponding shopping list. I use a cute little notepad from Etsy that has space on one side for your menu plan and a section on the right for your shopping list.


Hi Kristine, I love reading your blog - this is my first comment. I keep my recipes in plastic sleeves in different folders for cakes, desserts, salads, lamb etc so I can find what I need quickly. I also plan the meals in advance for the week so there is only one trip for groceries. But I like to leave one night free for a spontaneous dinner - whether it be a feast or baked beans!


Dear Kristine, I have been reading your blog since almost 2 years now and I think this is my first comment. I always enjoy your pictures and your designs. And I would LOVELOVELOVE this shopping list. All the best from Germany

Emilita Castejon

HI !
I would love to a have a copy of your list !!!
I live in Mexico (i'm from Finland) and enjoying the luxury of a maid and a cook for the time we live here, but planning and organizing the meals...i definately need help !!
Take care and hope you have a wonderful time in your holiday :-)
emilita :-)

Chaturi Gamage

Hi, I would love a copy of your shopping list. I can never seem to find the recipe i want amongst my pile of recipes. Love your idea of having one folder for recipes that are used often. Must do the same. By the way, i love your blog.
Chaturi :-)


I would love a copy of your shopping list...I'm trying to get back on my meal-planning feet after having another little baby. THANKS!


i would love a copy of your shopping list - i am tired of writing the same things each week! thanks.


Hi kristine I would love a copy of your shopping list- what a great idea. PS Adelaide is gorgeous.


I just happened across your blog and just love it. May I please have a copy of your grocery spreadsheet?


Was just in the process of trying to get some organisation into our weekly meals when I remembered your blog post/shopping list - would love a copy if it is still available??

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