One perfect day
Now that's cute

Dangerously good

What I love about breastfeeding is that you can indulge in food like this and it goes to someone else's hips!

Just baked brownie

Corrie has posted her brownie recipe twice on her blog.  If it was worth mentioning twice I had to try it for myself.


This gets my vote for best brownie ever (if you can say that about your own cooking).  I don't think the 2.5kg bag of Lindt Bittersweet cooking chocolate I bought today will last long.



Love that green plate.
And your photos are beautiful, Kris, that course is paying off!

Life and the memoirs

A recipe I must try! Thanks for sharing. Your photos are great!!


Can't wait to try the recipe as well. Yours look delicious!

Anne Marie

Sounds dangerously good! :-)


That plate is just gorgeous !!


ohhhhh your photos are so much better than my rushed ones! oh delicious! it doesn't last long in this house and I love how simple the ingredients are!

The original recipe many years ago called for 100g chocolate and over time I got just the right balance of the rest of the ingredients to increase it to 200g, the more chocolate the better!


I just came back to this post to say a big "Thank You" for sharing this!
I make it on a regular basis. I shared it too and a friend of mine prepared for her own birthday - with a ball of ice cream on top of each piece!

Thank You!!!

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