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One perfect day

Saturday will go down in my memory as a favourite day, a top ten, a perfect day.


We visited Three Hummock Island with some friends who are in Australia from Italy.

Granite rocks

There's something about this place that gets into your soul and lures you back.  It's simply heaven on earth.  The complete solitude has something to do with it.  The pure beauty has much to do with it. 

The sand pools amongst the granite boulders soon enticed the boys into the water.  They had a wonderful time hopping from pool to pool.  There is so much to explore on a beach like this. 


Life and the memoirs

Great pics Kristine! What an amazing place to visit. It looks so magical, so untouched. Thanks for sharing.

Hope you are enjoying your course :)

Anne Marie

It looks like a beaututiful place. No wonder your day willgo down in my memory as a favourite day.


i would so love to visit three hummock island. thanks for the pics.

 Jean C.

Your photo's of the boys are great! I'm sure that you will be enjoying them for years to come.

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