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I arrived home from our trip on Adelaide's first birthday.  I found it terribly hard to be away from her.  I'm usually pretty relaxed about most things, but while I was away I had this awful feeling that I was never going to see her again.  I think partly because she was still so little, and partly because she was so desperately wanted in our lives before she ever came into existence.

French dollAbout a month ago Henri observed that Adelaide needed a doll.  This was after watching her push toy cars around.  I agreed, so while I was in Paris I went on the hunt.

I found this soft-bodied little brunette doll - faintly vanilla scented of all things.  She has the sweetest face, but the outfit is dreadful - all synthetic and bright, lairy pink.

The first order of business was to give dolly a Townmouse makeover.

French doll in Liberty

That's better.  She now has a gently shirred Liberty top and pin-tucked linen skirt.

Adelaide is rather impressed with her - giggles and smiles when we hold dolly out and gives her little cuddles.  Her little girl behaviour is such a novelty in our house; so sweet to see.


Christine Miller-McKinley

Hi Kris,
So glad to see you are home safely and enjoying your little ones - I smiled when I saw the dolly makeover outfit as it is the same fabric of my first Townmouse purchase for my darling Sophie.
Thanks for the gorgeous photos of your travels too!!
Bye for now, Christine

Christine Miller-McKinley

PS. Happy 1st birthday Adelaide!!


she is lovely! I did the same for my eldests 1st birthday- brought a sweet doll and handmade a prettier outfit than the one she came with. Yours looks perfect, and I am glad Adelaide approves!

Rocío Robledo

Welcome back Kristine!
No wonder Adelaide loves her doll - that new outfit is gorgeous!
I am sure the celebrating was very special for you all.
Cheers, Rocío


Happy Birthday Adelaide. Glad to see you made it home safe and sound in time to celebrate a wonderful occasion. Such a cute makeover, love it.

Running Thread

I think the sign of a good holiday is the wonderful feeling you have when you arrive HOME.


Happy birthday to Adelaide. I love the makeover, much prettier.


adorable!!!!! Happy 1st Birthday to Adelaide, so glad you got a little girl of your own too.

That doll is so sweet and yes she did need a makeover! Perfect! I see dolls like that in my marie claire idees magazines with clothes to sew and knit for them!



welcome home - i've been living in Paris vicariously... :)
love your doll makeover! perhaps a new line for you? i think it would be a winner.
i'm sure you haven't let Adelaide out of your sight since your return... enjoy those squeezy cuddles


That is the best dressed doll I've seen for a while - of course our house is a car, truck, pirate ship kind of place... Boys are fabulous but I do envy the fun you'll have with a little girl!


Was wonderful to read about your adventures o'seas. How lovely to be reunited with your little one on her special day.


HI Kris welcome back and happy birthday to Adelaide. I agree with Kirsten why not a little dolls clothes line.

All the clothes available here are either in that bright puce pink, OR French and very overpriced. I see a real gap in the market !! xoxo


A lovely makeover indeed!

I utterly enjoyed every one of your posts from France, thanks so much. I now have terribly itchy feet though...


Happy birthday to Adelaide, I have enjoyed reading about your trip.


Those first birthdays are so fun. I love the liberty dress.


Happy to hear you are home safe! and the very happiest of first birthdays to your littlest angel! Dolly's new dress is simply beautiful!


Now the doll definitely looks like a townmouse girl !!
La poupee a-t-elle un nom ?

Joyeux Anniversaire Adelaide xx


Happy birthday to Adelaide, what a beautiful present in the doll and the new dress. Reminds me of my dolls and the clothes my mum made which always matched the outfits she made for my sisiters and I.
Welcome home Kristine.


I can only imagine how much you missed your children, and especially little Adelaide, but secretly I have to admit that I'm just a little disappointed that your trip (and my virtual one) has come to an end. Looking forward to seeing what all that inspiration becomes over the coming months.
Happy birthday Adelaide!



I love this looks to me to be one of the Corolle ones (french I think?) Anyway, you should think about making and selling dolls clothes using your beautiful's impossible to find nice ones and I'm sure there is a market.

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