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Travel wardrobe

The organiser in me was very impressed by the forward planning of Heather from Habitually Chic when it came to her trips to Paris and Los Angeles

I do like the idea of travelling light.  Will has it down to a fine art - all his business travel is done with no check in luggage.  When you're just dropping into a country for one business meeting and don't want to wait at the baggage carousel that makes sense, but not when you're travelling at leisure.

Paris wardrobe

I had a little play around with my clothes in an effort to be as organised as Heather, even if the chic part eludes me.  It's funny how ho-hum ones clothes can look when scrutinised through the camera lens.  

The thing that always gets me stumped when packing is shoes - you end up with so many pairs.  One way around this is to stick to a colour theme (for me it will always be grey).  Even with the limited colour palette I still have 5 pairs in contention.

I have my strolling around the grounds of a chateau in the Loire outfit at left.  Walking the streets of Paris in the centre outfit (with this coat if it is cool).  On the right is my casual dinner in a Montsoreau bistro outfit.

A few more outfits and scarves and wraps have gone into the case but, well, I got bored with the photographing part.  It does help with the planning though.  I think I am travelling lighter (apart from the two winter coats packed) so thanks for the tip Heather.



The whole "travel packing" thing is on my mind in a big way at the moment as well. We've got a month away in June with the whole family and I'm determined not to overpack. The problem is when I try to pack light I always underpack - if only there was some magic formula to getting it "just right"! Hope you have a magical trip....


Well I am impressed by your colour consistency. The problem I have is that I think Australians dress (subtly) differently to Europeans so that what seems interesting here always seems either under or overdressed or not quite right once I get there. So I always buy things when I arrive.. maybe that is the best reason to travel light. xoxo


Ah to have your "packing for your Europe" dilemma... only a weekend in Melbourne coming up for me which is still an overseas trip just not the sort of overseas I really want!

Anne Marie

How fun! I think your outfits look superchick which is no surprise considering all the beautiful childrens clothes you sew.


Love this post. I have a thing for travelling light...maybe because it always eludes me. Hope you have a wonderful trip.


I just know when you get there you'll dump it all on the floor and it will stay that way until you leave - or have things changed since we used to travel together??


I love all the outfits here. Totally my style.

So glad I found your blog. I'm loving it!


I wish I had all 3 outfits in my wardrobe!

travel light...ha! Let Will carry your bag, and you can carry his!

photos please!!!

Evie MacDougall

Love all of it can you please tell us where everything comes from?

holy land tours

Depends who you're asking. My wife will bring 3 suitcases and 2 carry-ons even if it's a trip to the neighboars.

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When you're just dropping into a country for one business meeting and don't want to wait at the baggage carousel that makes sense, but not when you're travelling at leisure.

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