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Weekend sewing

The weekend was a productive one.  While Will was in Mumbai for a wedding, I stayed home with 7 children on Saturday (the boys had some friends over).

I finally got my winter range onto the website.  Well, I'm calling it a "New Collection" without getting too specific about season, given most brands now have their winter stock on sale.

Pleat shirt

I also found time for a little sewing.  With Adelaide wearing bulkier knits as the weather gets colder, she needs collared shirts.  Until now she has lived in the new Townmouse Cotton Shirt in many different fabrics.  I don't mind a cardi over a collarless shirt, but I'm not so keen on jumpers without collars under them.

Adelaide in pleat shirt

This is an old pattern from 2003.  I haven't made it in ages.  I've since refined my pattern block for tops.  I'm not sure about this pattern.  Now that I can see it on a little person for longer than a quick try-on, I need to change a few things.  There's too much roll in the collar.  The pleats are too deep.  The sleeve has too much volume.  I can't decide whether I'm being picky, or whether this top is really more Chloe Sevigny on Big Love.  Some patternmaking is afoot.  Variations coming soon.



You are fearfully hard on yourself!! And Adelaide looks SO pretty in it. And even if you're right, I love Chloe in Big Love!

If you're refining the pattern, I'd agree on the collar - but only if you want me to be super, super, unnecessarily picky. It's adorable as it is!


Looks pretty perfect to me.

We have a little floral dress that I call our Big Love dress. Long sleeves, snazzy collar, falls to the ankle, ties at the back - looks like something off the compound!


Ha! That is soooo funny, Kristine! I'm absolutely LOVING Big Love at the moment. Watched the first few episodes on SBS a few years ago but kept forgetting to watch it. Now that we have Foxtel, I'm absolutely hooked!!! I don't think your designs are quite compound couture ... not enough lace, faded patchwork or chambray :-)

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