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One type of embroidery I haven't done a lot of since having children is monogram embroidery.  Simply because it is incredibly time consuming.  One letter may take 20 or 30 hours of painstakingly exact stitching.  But after admiring the many beautiful examples of the work in the antique markets of Paris and Montsoreau, I've been inspired to get out my Broder thread once again.


I'm making a little pillow with Adelaide's initials.  It will go with the lovely pale pink rib woolen cot blanket I recently bought her.

Monogram template

This is the design I am doing.  It comes from this book, which I picked up in Mercerie St Michel in rue Charles Nodier, Montmartre.  I was a little rusty on this type of work; I'm hoping my stitching will improve.  I might find myself unpicking this first section. 

To remind myself what to do, I had to refer to an instruction sheet that I wrote up for the classes I used to teach in monogramming.  If anyone would like a copy of the instructions, please leave a comment.  I'm happy to email it to you.



This is beautiful Kristine! I also started a monogram a few weeks ago which I have not yet finished due to studying for exams, but I hope to finish it in the holidays. I love your pattern and can't wait to see it when you are finished. Happy embroidering ~ Tina x


How do you find the time with 4 small children- I would love to have a copy of your Monogramming Instructions- I do a lot of Embroidery(particularly Stumpwork) but my Monogramming could be so much better.
Many thanks
Isnt Paris the most wonderful city?!


Hi Kristine, how beautiful, I just told my mum about this post and she is an embroiderer and would love to do something with monograms for my niece's first birthday. This would be her firts attempt at monograms so I would love the instructions, to help guide her first attempt.
Can't wait to see your finished pillow fr Adelaide.


It's gorgeous Kristine. I would like a copy when you have a moment, but there's no rush at all.


Actually you've inspired me. A dear colleague I'm very fond of is getting married in October - she's Slovakian and he's Colombian! I had been trying to find a pattern for a wedding type cross stitch pattern, but they're all rather twee. Perhaps instead I could do each of their initials in a hoop - J and A!


Beautiful work Kristine, I love that barely there shade of pink so much. Absolutely no need to unpick it looks perfect!


I would be enormously grateful if you would send me your monogram instructions - with many thanks


The design is stunning, I can't wait to see it finished. I'd love a copy of the monogramming instructions!

Jenny B

Your work looks beautiful so far. I just recently started doing monograms. My pillow turned out okay but could use some improvement. I would love a copy of your instructions if you get the time. Thanks for sharing all of your lovely work, it is very inspiring.


Hi Kris, I love your work. It is just beautiful. I too would love a copy of your instructions. While I have no time to try this at the moment, I dream that I will one day be able to monogram many a thing. Thanks in advance.


i have done abit of this a long time ago on pillow slips...white on white mostly...i have always just bundled along with no instructions, so i would love a copy if you get a might even inspire me to start some embroidery again...


Oh I would love an instruction sheet - I'm doing embroidery for the first time and boy! could I use an instruction sheet. Thanks so much for sharing!


How very kind, I would be grateful for some instruction. Monogrammes are great, but you have to be precise for the best effect. Hm, there is always room for improvement.
Isn't Adelaide a lucky girl!


Oh yes please!! Thank you for your incredible generosity (I live in the states and wouldn't mind paying for the postage!) The last time I hand-embroidered monograms was for a set of sheets for my parents, probably 17 or more years ago...a few years before my children. It is time-consuming but so beautiful when finished...I fear I would be very rusty as well! Your work looks is lovely...beautiful shade of pink! Thank you for the inspiration!

Running Thread

As always, beautiful work and the pink is that lovely soft shell pink I adore. Would love a copy of your instructions please.


I love monograms and yours is really beautiful, i hope to see the finished pillow soon.


This is lovely Kristine. You have inspired me to try monogramming too - I would very much appreciate a copy of your instructions to guide me. Thankyou!


Dear Kristine, I have just discovered your blog and love the all your craft projects - but that monogram is just lovely. And I wouldn't worry about unpicking - it looks beautiful to me. I'm currently in the middle of a sheet set and would love a copy of your instruction sheet to help me along. Thank you.


yes please....would love a copy of your instructions.....lovely work and well worth it


Hi Kristine,
Gorgeous work and would be most grateful for a copy of your instructions.
Thanks for your generosity and inspiration.
Bye for now,


Hi Krisine, I would love a copy of your instructions. I love that pale shade of pink, it's beautiful.


Your website has been a late night treat for awhile now. Thank you so much for all the inspiration. I would love a copy of your instructions and many thanks for your generosity.


Oh Kristine, I would love a copy of the instruction sheet!!
A few years ago I made my first attempt at monogram embroidery and the result was pretty sad, really :(
Seeing your WIP here - which looks perfect to me, by the way - has made me itch for another try out again; now that summer is almost here I will have more time.
Thanks a million, Rocio

ps- Hopefully you will show us the finished work??


So beautiful -- I'd love the instructions!


It looks fantastic. I would love some instructions. Thank you.

Annette Anderson

Hi Kristine, What a beautiful colour. It will look lovely with the new cot blanket. I too would love your instructions.


Hi Kristine...I have never tried monogramming. I always thought it's all so hard and complicated...
Could you, please, email me a copy of the instructions? I might get some courage to try it out...

deborah k.

Hi Kristine: I just found your site and love it!! please send me your monogram instructions -- I would greatly appreciate it... thanks, deborah


I'd love a copy of your instructions ~ your work is beautiful! My grandmother's name was Adelaide; every time I see your little one it makes me smile!


I just found your blog and I would love to have the instructions! Thank you!


embroidery has always intimidated me though it is lovely! please send me a copy of your instructions, I would love to try.

Naomi Christianson

Hi Kristine. I have been a huge fan of your site for a while. Your work is absolutely beautiful! I would love a copy of your instruction sheet.
Thank You!

Rachel Wilmshurst

Totally gorgeous - and yes I would love a copy.


Have always meant to do a monogram, perhaps this is a sign for me to get started. Please will you send your 'how to' notes


Oh yes would you please send me your instructions. Thanks so much for your time.


I'm a *little* late in finding your blog, but I would LOVE a copy of your instructions if you're still willing to share. I have always adored monograms and would love to try my hand at creating one in embroidery. Thank you in advance!


I'm a *little* late in finding your blog, but I would LOVE a copy of your instructions if you're still willing to share. I have always adored monograms and would love to try my hand at creating one in embroidery. Thank you in advance!


Oh I am so happy to find this blog. I dearly love embroidery and heirloom sewing. May I please have the instructions? Thank you for the generous offer. Can you tell me where to find a template like yours?


That is beautiful! I just finished tatting a border and making a beautiful linen/cotton hankie. I envision a white on white monogram on it just like yours. Please send instructions.


I just found your instructions on flickr. Thank you so much!

Edie Miller

I read your entry on monogram embroidery, and would like a copy of your instructions please. Such beautiful work.
Thank you so much. Edie Miller

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