Lazy Saturday

In the outbox

A brief email to my customers drawing their attention to Townmouse's snuggly warm flannel pyjamas has caused an avalanche of orders.

This lovely French laundry basket is big enough to handle all the ironing for our family of six.  But yesterday it functioned as my outbox.


My gorgeous seamstress and I spent three hours in the studio yesterday afternoon madly personalising, pressing and packaging pyjamas.   That's about 40 of the 100 or so pairs I need to get out to customers.  Just a little added pressure during school holidays.  Amongst all that there have been trips to the public pool with 6 children, play dates, movie dates, sleepovers.  Wow, have we been busy.

Adelaide and Basil And Adelaide has made a new friend.  She's found Basil; MY softie, who usually hangs out with me in my studio.  Basil came from Fiona of Hop Skip Jump fame. 

Hop Skip Jump is the first craft blog I fell in love with and it's still a fave.  You can buy patterns for Fiona's divine softies.  Seeing Adelaide bond with Basil makes me want to find the time to make her a Rufus Dog, so that we can each have our own.



I love that your direct email worked so well for you!!

P is still loving his version of these pyjamas which I got for him last year although sadly he is now a bit long for them.


You amaze me with your multitasking abilities....honestly, how do you manage to do it all?? Are you sure you don't employ nose twitching magic, like Samantha in Bewitched??
Lovely picture of Adelaide with Basil.


yay I'm one of those 100!!!! at least you know your emails are working :)

hope it doesn't totally exhaust you getting those orders out.



Adelaide looks soooooo gorgeous with that adorable softie!


Oh! What a lovely suprise to see Adelaide with your little cat. Warms the heart, it does. :)

And I am always impressed with your multi-talking abilities, too. That is one very big out box. Good luck with the rest of your orders. xo


Too cute. My order arrived today. Thanks, they are just perfect. Hope the school holidays are treating you well.

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