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Lazy Saturday

After a morning at Auskick we are now enjoying a quiet Saturday afternoon.

Wash Day quilt

The winter sun is streaming through the windows and warming my back as I work on an applique cot quilt.

Wash Day quilt1

Adelaide is pottering at my feet, but she has also learned to climb the 6 stairs that lead to the boys' bedroom.  She can now join their Lego sessions.  Adelaide the destroyer!


Wash Day quilt2

There is a ham and barley soup cooking slowly in the kitchen; Will is en route from Europe and will be here in time for dinner.  All in all, a very pleasant Saturday afternoon.



Bliss :)


that looks beautiful!
[and don't let you daughter slobber on your new phone... i lost one like that when Anais was 8 months old]


these sunny winter days are lovely, even indoors. i envy your slice of time in the day to create; i still do my sewing at 10pm!


Must be nice to have him home - Looking forward to tomorrow night Kris. See you then.


Gorgeous - your day and the applique!


The quilt looks divine! I hope you share some pictures when you're finished!!!

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