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While food shopping at the Prahran Market this morning, this product range caught my eye.

Chutney On the basis of the gorgeous illustrations and packaging alone, I bought two jars. 

One of Indian Light Infantry Fruit Chutney, and another of West Bengal Rifles Mango Chutney.

I don't mind if they sit on my pantry shelf looking pretty for a while.  But I'm sure they won't last long. 

Chutney 2They will be just the ticket for our next roast lamb or BBQ.

The website is rather cute too.  I liked their "History" page.

As I was making my purchases I was thinking to myself how lucky we Melbournians are.  One can eat so well in this city, whether you like to cook it yourself or eat out.  There's very little one can't find.



Gorgeous packaging indeed. I too like to buy jars and tins purely because of their aesthetic atributes. When the tins get eaten, they make up great pencil holders!!


Oh they look gorgeous and the 'history' is great! Look like the perfect man present too - just what I need for my step-father.

If I can't find somewhere closer to me, I may bump in to you at the market :)

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