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A dress this time

This pattern gets quicker and quicker to make each time.

Nicey Jane Ice cream dress

These two fabrics just seemed to belong together - a bit of Nicey Jane from Heather Bailey and a dot print from an Australian range.

Nicey Jane Ice cream dress 1

Although I love these fabrics, the colours don't suit Adelaide.  Maybe in summer when she has a little more colour it will work.  She has olive skin like her Daddy, and Will looks rather sickly in yellow.

Nicey Jane Ice cream dress pocket

I fussy-cut the pockets.  I'm not sure if this was a good idea, as I think they blend into the dress too much.  What do you think?  Maybe a smaller scale print would have been better. 

The corners on my pockets aren't perfect either.  I read the discussion thread on easy rounded pockets too late.  There are some good tips from bloggers on different methods.

You can see more Ice Cream Dresses at the Ice Cream Social Flickr group.



Noticed the well placed pockets in the he first snap Kristine, and I think they look perfect (still to cut mine out, so your doing well).


You are on a roll, Kristine.
I also noticed the pockets on the first view, you are so thorough....I don't think I would have paid attention to the print!


Your imperfect corners are "I dream of being able to sew so neatly some day" corners! I love the dress but agree that it's a very large print for such a little dress - I fine all her prints a little large for most of the things I make.


I LOVE the fussy cut pockets! I love how the bottom of them fades into the dress and you can see the top band. Very pretty!

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