Ice Cream Social
Ice cream success

A long list

I've made a mental note to myself that in future I will get these big jobs out of the way before school holidays loom.  I've had a large list of items to do for summer production that I haven't touched in three weeks.

To do list

A good place to start is to write a list of what needs doing.  12 items.  That's spec sheets and patterns for summer styles.  In some cases this might be a 30 minute job.  For other items, specifically drafting a whole size range of patterns for a new style, the time required is up to 20 hours (making samples in a variety of sizes to ensure fit, etc).  So I had better get cracking.  There'll be no ice cream social for me until all these jobs are ticked off.



I am sure you will manage to have everything under control in no time at all - and in time for the Ice Cream Social!!
The fabrics look terrific. My favourite one is the grey with the white dots. It will look gorgeous as a pair of summer shorts for Adelaide.
Cheers, Rocio

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