Playing with patterns
A dress this time

For the beach house

This quilt has no place in our house.  It's too bright and fresh for our English antique furniture, Aboriginal art and more subdued colour schemes.

Tide pool quilt

It will be perfect for the beach house that will one day be in our future.  I'm picturing it fitting in nicely to something along these lines.

Tide pool quilt front

I'm calling it my Tide Pool quilt.  Because the colours remind me of the rockpools at the Flinders beaches, where seaweed features heavily.  (We're not very kind about Flinders beaches - as much as we love the seaside town, we don't spend a lot of time on it's beaches.)

Tide pool quilt front 2

No, we don't have a beach house; and owning one isn't imminent.  So I'm guessing I'll have several years at least to finish this project.  With no pressure, it's likely to be finished in record time, and then it will hang around and I'll have nowhere to put it.  Go figure. 



Hahaha -- sounds like my kind of quilting. The ones that must get done are frequently late. It's just beautiful -- and would be perfect at a beach house. Oh to dream!!!


Yes the beach house fantasy. I am with you on that one. And while we wait and wait and fantasise those prices inexorably keep going up. Sigh. At least we have that amazing SR blog to drool over. xoxo


How about "The Merimbula Quilt"!


Gorgeous quilt - you'll have a lot of summer beach house dreaming to do while you finish it!


As your very dear and caring friend I am happy to offer this quilt a home while you are waiting on the beach house! No, no, Don't thank me - it's nothing.

Darius Cartmell

Your choice of house and furnishings are very fresh to look at. Perfect as a beach house. And those colorful quilts, I'm sure, will make a good accent for neutral colors. It may take you years to get there, but it is a possibility if you're focused.

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