A long list

Ice cream success

I managed to get all the items on my To Do list ticked off yesterday.  So I treated myself to a little sewing last night.  I made the top version of the Ice Cream Dress.

Ice Cream Top size 2

I know the Ice Cream Social doesn't start for a little while; but my pattern arrived from Duckcloth in record time, and I just couldn't resist.  It's so lovely to sew someone else's patterns for a change.  And Liesl's patterns are so beautifully accurate.

Ice cream top neck detail

My favourite part of this design is the little V detail at the neck.  Pressing this into place after sewing it up is so satisfying.

Ice cream top nametag

The last thing I did was sew a nametag into the back of the top - partly so I could record the size.  Usually Townmouse labels go into everything I make, but I loved using the first of my stash of Adelaide's nametags.

Ice cream top wardrobe

I couldn't resist a little wardrobe planning for our next beach holiday.  Puppet Show Shorts in Cotton/Linen, cardigan from Petit Bateau, shoes from Seed. 

I wouldn't mind the same top in my size.



What a beautiful little top! I love how you make it look so easy :) The top looks gorgeous with those little shorts and shoes. Your little Adelaide will look so lovely. ~ Tina x


Gorgeous outfit for a trip to the beaach! It has me inspired to do a little preparation myself... right now I have patterns and fabric cut out on our dining room table for a couple of Oliver+S winter outfits for my daughter. I'd better get moving on them before it is Spring already!


Okay, I'm always completely vague and behind the 8 ball with these group activity thingies, but Adelaide's shorts and top look adorable! I think I'll have to try and figure out how to get involved after all.

The shoes are really from SEED? Our SEED? Here in Melbourne? Wonderful!


what a beautiful top...I looove your fabric choice


Wow! That's a stunning beach outfit for a child. I almost wish I had a girl now to sew for, since boys' patterns don't seem as cute!


Just stunning and I agree...wouldn't mind that top for myself!


I'd rather like one too. You are my one reason for wanting to learn to sew. And for having a third child, a girl this time please... I might try the first but not the second! Well done on the to do list. I am avoiding mine by being here... Ann x


Simply adorable....I do so love little girls in `non-pinks(my pet hate forever!)
Mt daughter had a black background Liberty dress for her first birthday-so gorgeous!

Keep on sewing- you give me inspiration to do more for my little grandaughters


I knew you would get all your things done in a whistle!! You accomplished girl!
The top is gorgeous, and the ensemble you have prepared looks lovely: Adelaide will look terribly cute in it.
Cheers, Rocío

Anne Marie

The top is absolutely gorgeus!!! What a good use of a beautiful fabric. I need to get my hands on some of that fabric!

And the combination of short, jacket and blue (adorable) shoes, just enhances the beauty in the top. I wish I was 2 years old again!


To die for....I really would wear this whole outfit myself. I wish Country Road made their womans clothing in the same style as their childrens line, because as much as I love their clothing in general, the little girls part is my favorite.


I love the top and the outfit all put together. I've been having fun myself and have sewn two ice cream dresses for my girls.


I want that whole outfit for myself!!!!!!!!!!! well done, it's just gorgeous...best dressed little girl in melbourne



You don't do the puppet show shorts in Size 8 do you? and the top for that matter - your god daughter would love them.


kris. this is absolutely lovely. what fabric did you use?


Oh this is very beautiful and I think very french. I have a 7.5 year old who used to be happy to wear lovely clothes but it is becoming increasingly hard to convince her to wear anything classic and/or feminine. She refuses to wear any of the O and S outfits that I make for her. Thankfully my four year old is still compliant. I have signed up for the Icecream Social. My optimism means that when my seven year old is ready she will have many lovely home-sewn things to wear.

Adelaide is very fortunate to have such beautiful garments and a mother to sew them so beautifully.

Looking forward to more items!

Thanks, Simone



Love it!!! As always...

Running Thread

What a stylish outfit for a sophisticagted young lady! Love the label too reminds me of the labels we had as kids ...


what a beautiful outfit...I love the top...what is the fabric?


One of the best and most tasteful versions of this pattern. Very well done.

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