Saturday sewing
For the beach house

Playing with patterns

Today it's back to sewing with my own patterns.  I've been playing around with a pattern for a summer top, which is a late entry into the upcoming summer range. 

Summer top

When Adelaide wakes up she can try this on for me.  If it passes my critique, then it's on to grading the bigger sizes.  Henri will have to try on the size 4 and 6, and Tom will have to try the size 8 - sorry boys.  As always, chocolate will be involved to bribe them to model girl's clothes.

Summer top detail

This top is a variation on this dress.  The construction was troubling me, so I've been fiddling around with various options for finishing the sleeves neatly.  Facing in the back was the solution.

Summer top sleeve

It won't appear in this pretty blue in the summer range.  I'm saving this fabric for my own personal stash.  Not everyone loves blue on girls as much as I do.  I used a favourite Liberty to bind the armhole.  It just happened to be ready made and within easy reach of my sewing machine from an earlier project.  This top will feature in the range in white, pale pink and watermelon.  (I managed to source a pretty good replica of my favourite swiss cotton so I'm excited to have it back in the range.)

Summer top and pants

Oh, and here is the top with the ever-present cuffed pants again.  These will be available in white in the new summer range.  It's a safe bet to say Adelaide will be wearing this outfit frequently.



Hi, I have been following your blog for ages now and I just adore your work. Adelaide must be the best dressed bub around! Nilly

Rene' Sharp

Hi there. I recently discovered your blog and LOVE it. All aspects are just wonderful. I love your quilts and the gorgeous little clothes you sew. You inspired me to try and sew my 3 year old son some clothes and finished my first pair of shorts last week. They took me 3 days to make, but I am so happy with the results. Thanks for your inspiration!!


Gorgeous, as usual.
I love the ric rac trim for the sleeves.


I just made a similar top for me in linen - I love those capped sleeves. The liberty binding is very sweet.

Kelly Smith

Hi Admin! Finally I've found someone that likes the blue color as me! By the way, that's so nice creation! Keep on running the good job!


I only wish I had found you a few years earlier. My girls are too big for most of your lovelies. Adorable clothes, as always!

I had to laugh out loud at your bribed model situation. Ingenuity at its best!



that is such a perfect outfit and the little bit of liberty is just perfect too!


 Jean C.

Some one told me the other day that if you are brave enough to put your kids into "white pants"..
you really are "Brave"! But I have found, that if you pre-treat with a stain treatment... like you would for furniture fabric... it will help... just in case they don't tend to stay white!
Cute top!


I love this top - especially in the blue fabric. The little capped sleeves with the trim look so pretty.


this is soooo simple and pretty :) I totally love it...LOVE IT...are u selling the pattern???

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