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My creative space

A brief affair

It was love at first sight.  For both of us.  We weren't looking for it.


At the first open for inspection both Will and I were mad for this house.  Four children's bedrooms, a study for Will, a studio opening to the garden for me, a pool out the back.  We wanted it badly.

Moorakyne interior

It set in train a flurry of activity at our house.  Painters, handymen, landscapers, real estate agents came calling.  Everyone was hard at work.

Moorakyne back

There was much ruminating in the middle of the night.  Thoughts were shared: "I'm worried we may not love that house as much as we love our current house"; "There's no wall for the piano"; "Not all our furniture fits."

Moorakyne kitchen

We were torn.  We were in, we were out.  By the time the auction came around we were out.  The house sold for an absolute steal today.  One fifth less than we thought it was worth.  (Since when does that happen?)

But we're OK with it.  All those pesky odd jobs we needed to do around our house have now been done - from a broken fence paling at the front, to school bag hooks in the garage out the back.  Fresh paint, a decluttered house and garage, a spruced up garden and look:

The Lego Drawer

Is that an impressive toy drawer or what?  Flylady would be proud.

And thankfully I don't have to turn my studio into a formal dining room for our own auction campaign.  That would have killed me - trying to run Townmouse and packing up all signs of it for open-for-inspections twice a week. 



Such a lovely looking house, though I love your current one and have since I first came across it in Home beautiful. It has always been one of my tear sheets that survive periodic culling. Though you have such a classic style that I imagine any home you may come to own would look just as beautiful. Love that lego drawer, very impressive!


I am swooning over the lego drawer... wonder if that would have lasted through a four week marketing campaign? I went to an open home last week and lovely as the house was I came away feeling ill. The very thought of moving - enjoy the fresh paint and new hooks...

Running Thread

Happiness is a sorted lego drawer (even if it only lasts a few days/hours/minutes) Swoonarama!!!


The house is really beautiful but the lego drawer beats it . At least you will be ready if another beauty comes along.


It must feel wonderful to have all of those niggling jobs done... and my 5 year old has only recently begun his lego collection, so the drawer is inspriring!


Everything truly happens for a reason (even if that reason seems a wee bit painful at first...) but wow!, that Lego drawer!....very, very impressive!

Love your style! Have a wonderful day!


Swoon! Hopefully exactly the right thing will come along soon.


oh what a beautiful house!!!! I'm terrible at always emailing my hubby new houses to look at and we've only been here 2 years! he'll ask me why am I looking and I just love looking at other houses!

I do believe the right house is out there for you if you choose to move! but to go at auction for less than what you thought doesn't happen too often!

I love that kitchen! plenty of room for all of my gadgets!



Oh Chirstina, I'm so sorry!That house looks wonderful! But I agree with Teresa, that everything has a reason to be like it is. I don't know your actual house, but perhaps that was the little kick you needed to spruce it up? :)


I truly know exactly how that felt...when you've fallen in love with a house...but it's true...I think everything happens for a reason and finding the perfect house is kinda like a destiny :)...if it's meant to be yours, it's yours...if not...bye2 :)....We finally settled on an empty sub divided land in Melbourne :) day...soon, we'll build our dream ;)

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