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This shirt-in-the-making has been put on hold momentarily while I tackle some t-shirt and bodysuit orders.

Shirt in progress

Hopefully I'll get back to this in the next few days.  In the meantime, this pile awaits:

Tee orders waiting

I sort the orders into piles requiring different coloured threads.  These ones require white thread, then I have my green pile, blue pile, pink pile, yellow pile for pears, hearts, flowers and giraffes respectively.  When my seamstress is around to help we whip through these in no time.

Tee orders

There are the pink and green ones all ready to go.

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The shirt is a lovely work in progress


They are all really lovely. What an industry you've got going there!


I love these behind the scenes shots. Just gorgeous.


it must be very very satisfying to have so much completed, ironed, folded and packaged in front of you!

I am envious and scared all at the same time!


How beautiful! I do the same with my onesies. I only wish I had some help too. maybe one day!! Just off to have a lovely browse through the rest of your blog.


The braid on the little top is so sweet ...


gorgeous!!!!!!!! such pretty piles! I'd love your seamstress too........I need to get my butt into gear before the baby arrives as I have grand plans to do lots of sewing for christmas markets before she arrives - we'll see how that goes!



I love your work, you have amazing enegy juggling family and running a business with time left to blog. Please give me your secret! Could you possibly help me with a problem? I would like to grade some patterns to larger sizes for my great nephews and am not sure how to go about it, could you point me in the rigth direction and is there a good book on the market? Many thanks, keep up the extremely lovely designs. x

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