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We fly off to a family beach holiday at midday.  My eldest son has outgrown the Townmouse range and has no summer shorts to wear.  He's waiting around in his pyjamas for me to make him some shorts.

Graded shorts

I finished packing my last orders at 1.30am this morning.  Now I have 3 hours to clean the house, pack and make as many shorts for Max as there is time for.  The pattern has been very crudely graded up to a size 10 and I'm about to cut out the fabric.

Shorts fabric

Thankfully Adelaide is still asleep.  Yes, can you believe it - it's after 9am.  She's going to be a night owl like her mummy. 

I'll let you know how I go with the shorts.

More creative spaces (a lot less manic than my one) over here.



Wow - with 3 hours to go I'm not sure I'd be able to pack and make anything.

Hope you managed it all and get to relax on holiday!


This is the first time I've visited. I can't believe you are organised enough to be sewing shorts the morning you fly out. I will be back to hear the outcome. Good luck and enjoy your holiday!


I hope you got the shorts made, and have a wonderful holiday.


oh too funny! you are one dedicated sewer and mummy to be doing that - I think I'd have to send my hubby to the shops with all the other things to do before holidays!!!!!

hope he had something to wear....oh and hoping my baby sleeps past 9am - heavenly!



That is what I call working under pressure!!

Good luck, although I am sure you will leave for your holidays with a speclessly clean house, perfectly packed baggage and at least three pairs of shorts for Max.

Enjoy your holiday at the beach.

Cheers, Rocío

Posie Patchwork

Impressive, amazing what we mothers' of 4 can get done!! I lay all the clothes in piles & mercifully my girls can all fit into the same clothes, just different lengths, so they can mix & match & don't look like i've only packed 2 outfits in all the holiday snaps. My son is still seems to have the smallest pile though. Oh holidays - wishing for gorgeous weather for you at the beach. We're heading to snow in a week, completely different!! Love Posie


Sounds like my approach to assignments at Uni ... nothing like the last minute :-)

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