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Children's wear shopping in Paris

Looking back over all my photos, I realise I never posted as intended about rue Vavin in the 6th arrondissement.


Rue Vavin can be found adjacent to the Jardin du Luxembourg.  The street is a mecca for shoppers of children's wear.  Many well known French children's wear brands can be found in this single street.


Unlike the craft shopping itinerary I posted, this children's wear list can be covered in one short stroll.  Within walking distance is the flagship Bonpoint store I posted about previously.  I would suggest including this in the same outing - and you can enjoy a stroll through the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg on the way to rue Vavin.

Rue vavin map

Then you can ponder, like I did, about who lives or once lived here inside the perimeter of the garden:

In the Jardin du Luxembourg

In the garden

Because we nearly sold our house last month, we had a landscaper do some work on our garden to get it "auction-ready". Now that we are staying, we are enjoying the benefits ourselves.

Before we left for Bali the garden was just starting to shoot. I can't wait to get home and see it in its Spring glory.


One new addition in the back garden is a collection of potted herbs on a little shelf near our back deck. I've grown herbs here before without much success, but the difference this time is that they are connected to the watering system and aren't relying on forgetful me to keep them alive.

I love being able to step out the back door and snip off a few stalks of a favourite herb for my cooking.

The other week Will and I returned home after a date night. I stepped through the front door knowing all the little maintenance jobs were done; the garden looked the best it's ever looked; the cooking smells from the boys' dinner were still lingering faintly. I was so happy to come home to our house.

Not a care in the world

Our greatest concern today was getting some fun action shots in the pool.

gif animator
Gif animator

We have come to Bali to celebrate my father's 70th birthday.  We are staying in a villa amongst the rice paddies that can accommodate us all.  The boys are loving having all their favourite adults on holiday with them - it makes for better games of backyard cricket and Marco Polo.

Oh, and I managed to make only one pair of shorts for Max yesterday.  Thanks for the animation tips Cintia.

Creative under pressure

We fly off to a family beach holiday at midday.  My eldest son has outgrown the Townmouse range and has no summer shorts to wear.  He's waiting around in his pyjamas for me to make him some shorts.

Graded shorts

I finished packing my last orders at 1.30am this morning.  Now I have 3 hours to clean the house, pack and make as many shorts for Max as there is time for.  The pattern has been very crudely graded up to a size 10 and I'm about to cut out the fabric.

Shorts fabric

Thankfully Adelaide is still asleep.  Yes, can you believe it - it's after 9am.  She's going to be a night owl like her mummy. 

I'll let you know how I go with the shorts.

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