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A little hand stitching

When Adelaide was born, one of my favourite gifts for her was a pretty little square towel with a corner section on it that you could use as a hood.

Baby gift

I happened across the same type of towel at Marche St Pierre in Paris.  They had the little band of cross stitch braid across the hood or corner.  I bought a couple as future baby gifts.

A friend of mine has had her fourth child, so I am cross stitching the baby's name across the corner.  It will go in a parcel with a few Townmouse bodysuits.

More creative endeavours at Kootoyou.



What a gorgeous gift. Lucky babe.


How lovely - such a sweet gift for a babe


so tiny and pretty !
it's been such a long time i haven't x-stitched !
i'm sure your friend will love to have a personnalized gift... considering this myself for the same situation (4th baby @ my friend)


ohh lovely - those towells are great.


We have those towels in Italy too.


A lovely gift.


I've been cross-stitching too. Love those letters, so pretty. x


Your friend is fortunate to receive such a gorgeous gift. I don't suppose that these types of towels are available in Australia?

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