A moving target
In the studio

In the armoire

I have been in the studio all morning parcelling up orders.


Summer stock is slowly depleting.  This is what is in the armoire.  Samples hanging at the top (above).

On the shelf

Folded sundresses and matching hair clips on one of the shelves (above), and a big bottom drawer full of stock - gypsy dresses, sundresses and cuffed pants.

Bottom drawer

I'm now heading to the kitchen to make Coq Au Vin.



hi Kristine - what lovely shots - the range is all looking beautiful. Now that our children are all getting older can I look forward to a teen (or 'tween' (shudder)) range? At 8 Imogen is getting a bit old for these beautiful tops. xoxo


I'm impressed Kris - of course with your divine clothes - but also because of the neatness of your armoire!


Armoire, Coq Au Vin ...
comment bien francais !!


Mmmmm, I see a French theme running through your day...
Next thing we know you will be making some macarons!!
As always, beautiful summer stock Kristine!
Have a nice day.

Anne Marie

Oh yes, macarons! Your clothes looks like macarons. Delishious!

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