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Today I have been invited into Tom's grade 2 classroom to lead an activity for the children.

They are doing a "unit of enquiry" on textiles.  As someone who supposedly knows a little bit about textiles, I've been asked to share my knowledge.  I'm feeling the pressure.


So I thought I'd keep it simple and have some fun with fabric glue, vlisofix, 'heat n'bond'.  The teacher has some little embroidery frames for them, so I'm going to show them how to do a little framed something with a collage of fabric that they can embellish if they choose.  I figured an iron was a little friendlier than needles and threads for 8 year olds, and children like to cut and paste, no.

Can you tell I'm feeling out of my depth?  Second graders intimidate me more than adults in this context.

More creative spaces on Kootoyou.

Post Script:  I am exhausted.   After leading a one hour activity I was ready for a cup of tea and a lie down.  It was go, go, go; fabric was everywhere, 20 little faces queuing up with questions. The children seemed to enjoy it, and as Kirsten said in the comments, I was very impressed by their creative output.



Oh I think your idea is fabulous Kristine! Easy, fast results and sounds like a lot of fun for Year 2 students! Have fun yourself, you will be brilliant and they will love it:D ~ Tina x


cute! I bet they'll have fun!



Good luck. i'm sure the kids, and you, will have a great time. And you will be amazed at the creativity of some of the kids.


Excursions, classroom visits, totally exhausting but the children absolutely love your being there ... ps newest clothes adorable!


Well done Kristine, it sounds like a complete success!!
I can see you organizing more of this for your kids on a rainy day at home!


What a cute hoop idea! Were you surprised at how much the kids could do? When our boys were little, we did quilts in second grade. It was a year long project -- I went in once a month and helped them each stitch a seam on the block that they had drawn that month. By the end of the year, they had enough for a quilt and they were pretty darn good at those little hand stitched seams! I hope you had a wonderful time, in spite of all the work! ;-)

Liesl Gibson

Just think: 20-30 years from now one of those children is going to reminisce about the day s/he discovered a passion for sewing because of you! Good work.

ana @ i made it so

it's so different leading such an activity with kids. have you read yarnharlot's take on teaching youngsters to knit? she's a master knitter, and your post reminded me of her funny take on the experience.

anyway, glad you tried, and survived ;)


my love of sewing came from being taught by a very clever volunteer mum, who came into our grade 3 classroom, teaching us different stitches on a hesion pot mit....40 or so years ago!! you know not what you have started!!

The Clip Cafe

Liesl said it well

Anne Marie

I want to be an 8 year old with you as a teacher! ... or perhaps it is less intimdating for you if I am my own age ;-)

Seriously. Sewing classes would be so much fun. Here they are very expensive. I'll have to find myself a teacher a bit closer by.

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