Sewing as therapy
What to make?

Odd? I suspect so

At 1am, this is what I'm doing.

For the freezer

While cooking up a large batch of bolognese I've been thoroughly entertained watching taped copies of the Graham Norton show.  Hilarious.  Many laugh out loud moments.


The freezer is now stocked and I'm off to bed.

PS: I have a secret ingredient in my bolognese.  It's a can of Heinz Big Red Tomato Soup.  Cheating I know - my Italian forebears are turning in the graves in Ticino - but it tastes good. 



not odd at all! I did a big bolognese cook up the night before we went on holidays, and should have been packing. I used the exact containers and labels too, love those labels!


Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the late evening. I'm doing some editing on my Mac, feet up on the table, watching Dawn French in The Vicar of Dibley. Not bad either!

By the way, the labels you use are lovely. Where can I buy them? (Online, that is.)


Every good Mother has a stock of Bolognese- I am a Grandmother now and still do it!

I am about to make that Liberty into a dress for a Granddaughter-have quite a lot but the red colourway- would have offered you some if I had the raspberry-how did I miss that colour?


Sadly, I read this post and got a stabbing pain of envy for those labels. I really need to get a job. Or a life. Or buy the labels. Ann x


I think Mr Hienz would approve !


Mr Heinz was a secret passed on to me by my mother too!


Odd?? I do not think so. If I had any energy left I would also be in the cooking at night league. As it is these days, I am in the cooking in the evening league and by 1'00 am I am truly in Morpheus arms.


You're odd but we love you! I think at that time I was painting window display props and watching Smallville - who am I to judge?
Wish we still lived next door so we could be odd together.


Love the containers of pure comfort food! Love watching Graham Norton too - we are crossing our fingers we will get some tickets to see his show in UK next April! It would be a hoot!

 Jean C.

You know, late at night has always been my best time to can. Even now that my kids are married, it's much easier... no phone calls... no Honey wants...etc... Hmmm maybe I ought to try doing my sewing then too! I would get lots more uninterrupted time! LoL... sleep is something that sometimes.. it would be nice if we could do without!

Townmouse - Kristine

Re: [Townmouse] Jean C. submitted a comment to Odd? I suspect so

Hi Jean,
Yes, I would highly recommend it as the time to sew. Thats if your sleeping husband could put up with the hum of the sewing machine!

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