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Saturday sewing

Today presented the perfect weather for bunkering down in the studio and sewing.

Liberty top

Liberty is such a perfect weight for little tops like this; and always so divine to sew with.

Liberty top detail

Adelaide is proving a difficult target to photograph these days - always on the move.

Liberty flutter top

The little tear on her cheek is because I sat her on a stool she couldn't get off.  She was not happy.


This top is rather sweet, especially from the back.  I think next time I'll put more roll in the shoulder ruffle (which would cause it to sit like a capped sleeve - a little like on this top).

Liberty top back



So precious.


Beautiful! You are so talented! Is this from a pattern of your own design?


She looks super cute. Getting those toddlers to pose is just not easy. Our little one is always on the move and we can't ever seem to catch her.


Oh adorable! I can't get Scout to sit still for a second these days either! Love the pattern, is it yours? -kb


so pretty !

anne sophie

So cute!
Adélaïde is my French little girl's name !


Que c'est joli, bravo


I discovered your blog via "je couds citronille".
I love everything you did, I didn't see everything yet but it's perfect. I wish I coudl sew like you.
Your daughter is so precious...

Le Tigre

Glad to discover your blog... Your daughter is so cute and this liberty is perfect for her!


Superbe!!! So chic! Ta puce est magnifique!


I come from "les citrocopines". Your blog is gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!


So cute ! And your pictures are fabulous !


lovely blog !
cute baby , nice discovery !


Welcome on our french sewing addict blog "I sew Citronille". I'm sure you will perfect your french with us. Warm Regards. Maman3Loulous (means Mummy with 3 litte monsters, lovely childs)


Don't change it - this top is absolutely lovely just how it is!


Gorgeous top and so beautifully modelled by Adelaide. I've had a bit of a hankering myself lately to try one of those little ruffled sleeves....


Adelaide looks exquisite in the top, Kristine.
I love the ruffles just the way they are - and also...think about having to iron the capped sleeve!!!; although you are a born natural for those :)
Have a lovely week.


Very sweet for a sweet little girl - and I've never seen that colorway ...


Congrats again! This one too is sooo beautiful!


Ok. I don't sew well, but I have to try this - my nieces name is Adelaide!


P.S. What pattern did you use?

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