Saturday sewing
Spring weather

Speed sewing

Making a garment for the second or subsequent time is always so much more satisfying.  You get a quicker and expected result.

White top and bloomers

I repeated this top, and yes, this time I did play with the sleeve ruffle.  Rather than the ruffle being doubled or on the fold, I hemmed it using the rolled hem foot on my machine.  This gives the hem a little more stiffness (rather like the fine wire put in florist's ribbon).  

Ruffle detail

As a result, it ends up with a nice fluted, flowing shape, rather than rigid gathers.  I think I prefer it this way.


Here's another pair of the much loved Oliver + S bloomers.


I love the crisp white in this fabric.  It lends itself to being paired with a white top.

Tee and bloomers

And because a little girl needs options, I've used some fabric scraps on a Townmouse tee.



Gorgeous once again. I love using a rolled hem too. Its such a delicate finish.


How I love Blue and white for girls!
Pink is an absolute No No ! for my sewing for the Granddaughters-have put some in Quilts but that is it!
Just love those clothes for Adelaide-reminds me of what I made for my daughter more than 30 years ago!
You are so inspiring!


Très joli, bravo !


wonderful thanks


Must say I like the new ruffle too. I will have to investigate if my machine has that rolled hem foot, the effect is lovely.
Adelaide is a lucky little girl, having such a talented mother!


superbe, bravo pour toutes tes réalisations, et.....ton français!!
tout sur le blog fait envie!


Bravo! Everything is so cute! I love that!!!

Petit Scarabée

C'est superbe ! A very nice set !


bravo! I definitely like it!!!! c'est beau , simple et soigné!


as pretty as the first one...


Very cute! I do like the way that the sleeve ruffle looks! I wish that I knew how to make these type of clothing modifications. I am still so inexperienced that I have to follow a pattern word for word. I love this outfit! Very cute!


Mmmm! how cuuute! congratulations for the quality of sewing!


oh so pretty! must make some of those bloomers!

Anne Marie

Everytime I visit you I get inspired to sew clothes fro Astrid. I wish I the day had more hours and that I had craft room I could leave messy at the end of the day.

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