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To do lists

I'm a bit of a list maker.  Just making a To Do list makes me feel more organised, even if I don't get around to ticking off many items on the list.


There is a lovely Australian stationery shop called Kikki K.  I was in there the other day and picked up these cute charcoal grey notebooks.  The A4 size is perfect for my To Do list.  The A5 size is ideal for carrying in my handbag.


I screen printed a little gocco butterfly onto the front of each one.  The larger one fits into my laptop case.

Better get onto that list now.



oh so pretty with the butterfly! we just got a kikki k at our local mall and it's such a pretty shop! I do love lists - love starting a new list and crossing things off - very satisfying!



I adore beautiful notebooks like these. I am a list maker too.


I love the screen printed butterfly. Would you be able to post a blog about screenprinting? How to source/make the screen and how to do the printing??


Loving the butterfly print! I am also a list maker. Nothing like crossing it all off.


The butterfly is lovely!
I recently discovered Kikki K, what a gorgeous shop. I am eyeing off their family calender/planner for next year.

Earthly Joyride

I wrote my list this morning - trying to create some weekly habits for cleaning and crafting. I'd be really interested in some screenprinting tips too - your butterfly is gorgeous!

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