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Crochet obsessed

Lately I've had crochet on the mind.  This was further fueled by a happy browsing session at Kinokinuya in Sydney on Friday, where I came away with this book:

ISBN 9784072680919 cover

As always, there are some refreshing Japanese takes on what can sometimes be a daggy craft.

ISBN 9784072680919 bag

As far as crafts go, crochet was my first love.  My grandmother taught me when I was around four and I was hooked from that moment on. (Pardon the pun.)

ISBN 9784072680919 buttons

At four all I could manage was one long chain.  I would keep going until the yarn ran out, then pull it undone and start again.  My grandmother got sick of this and soon taught me a few new stitches.

ISBN 9784072680919 button jar

In the junior school I attended, we could earn points for our house by crocheting or knitting squares to make into blankets for the homeless.  I crocheted many hundreds of 6 inch granny squares until the age of eleven.

ISBN 9784072680919 hexagons

I used to crochet granny squares in the dark after I had been sent to bed.

ISBN 9784072680919 shoes

Now I'm casting around for a crochet project.  I think I'll have to give these slippers a try.  They are very sweet.

I've been tagging my favourite crochet images as I come across them.  I've had this little flickr gallery to inspire me for a while.  More recently I've joined Pinterest, which I am really loving.  I've started a little inpiration board on favourite crochets over there.


And today I came across this yarn.  I wasn't sure whether I wanted wool or cotton.  This Rowan yarn is 50% cotton and 50% wool.  Together these balls look like a big bowl of icecream.  The colours are very appealing - of course they are, when Amy Butler has put her name to them. 

For now I'm too busy to start any new crafting projects.  This is something for the summer, when I take a break from Townmouse and the other couple of jobs I'm working at the moment.


Anne Marie

Japanese craft books have such an aesthetics to them. These images are so beautiful and so is the yarn you have bought!

I loved reading about you crocheting long lines and granny squares in the dark! Made me smile.


No, there's nothing daggy about crochet!:)
In Italy crochet is a real art and has never descended into the dagginess of synthetic wool handcrafts that you are likely to find in an Australian op-shop.
Here crochet, apart from granny blankets (which are a staple for using up scraps of wool leftover from knitting clothes), crochet is done with quite fine thread (perlè 5, and finer). Doilies, table runners, and covers for the backs and arm-rests of couches, are still in use here...which is not my style at all. I prefer the crochet lace trims on sheets, tablecloths and white linen curtains.
When I get around to it I will post some photos for you.


PS. I hope the above comment didn't sound condescending towards the handcrafts in Australian opshops - I actually love all that stuff, daggy or not!:)


Ooooh, those are beautiful projects! I love those little "buttons" -- especially on the wrapping paper. Love your pinterest page too -- I've been thinking of joining -- that or tumblr -- just haven't had time to think of which one would really do what I want. Your crochet page certainly is a big plus for pinterest!


Love the hook!

You must register for Ravelry - it's free and is a fantastic resource for knitters and crocheters.


Such a lovely post ... Thank you Kristine


oh I love crochet! I started while pregnant with the twins and it's so portable! the yarn looks so pretty..

and it was so lovely to say hi and thank you so much for the little onesie! I can't wait to photograph little elodie in her outfit for my blog! that market was the most perfect outing for my MIL even if the twins were just being themselves....crazy!



i too was taught my grandmother to crochet and used to chain-stitch kms of yarn, undo it and do it again. squares were an obsession, we used to crochet in the dark too :)

those images are so gorgeous. i love the flower strewn bags.

thanks for sharing.


I love the Japanese books but really struggle to get hold of them. If I go to Amazon Japan I get confused as to how to order, being it's all in Japanese. Any suggestions? Really loving your blog. So much inspiration, I wish i was half as talented. x


This inspires me to make friends with my crochet hook again! How can I find this book???? :)

Townmouse - Kristine

Try inputting the ISBN for the book into Amazon Japan or another site that sells this title. I always list the ISBN number of any craft book I feature in my flickr stream (accessible via my sidebar.) Hope this helps. Kristine


I love these slippers! Where did you find the pattern?


Yes, I would love to know where the slipper pattern came from too. :)

Ann Murphy

Me too. I love the shoes. Love all the things you have worked on. Is that shoe pattern in the Japanese book? I'm a recent convert to crochet having been a knitter since I was five years old. My mother was a crocheter but I could never get the hang of holding the yarn in the left hand! So I crochet like a knitter!!!
Works perfectly!!!

Townmouse - Kristine

Re: [Townmouse] Ann Murphy submitted a comment to Crochet obsessed

Hi Ann,
Yes the pattern is in the Japanese book. Good luck with it.

Ana Elisa Urrea

I Love this slippers!!!!!! where can I fine the pattern?

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