Come down from there
A few markets


I'm pondering what to do with this panel of smocking.


This has been hanging around my studio since before Adelaide was born.  I unearthed it while hunting for something else (time for a tidy-up perchance?).

I think a simple little sundress with ties at the shoulders might be the ticket.  Now I just need to find a spare hour to make it a reality.  2am is looking like the only window of opportunity this week.  I think this one might have to wait.



I love it when that happens, suddenly in the middle of a search for something, one discovers the most unexpected treasures!!
With your talents, I am sure getting the sundress made would only take you 45 minutes! :)


You are always so busy. When do you sleep?

Anne Marie

That fabric looks gorgous and pefect for a smocked dress. Looking forward to you get more time :-)


Sounds very pretty x

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