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Small crochet project

The best mail

I arrived home this morning to find this:

Good mail

See that.  Yes, on top of the letterbox.  The very best kind of mail.  We have a night in tonight, so I'll be on the sofa absorbing some lovely images from a few new Japanese craft books.  When I find some time I'll scan some images to share with you.


For now I'm madly packing orders.  While looking for stock in our storage room I spotted our Christmas wreath tucked away.  Now it is on our front door, reminding me that I only have a few weeks left of madness on the work front.



Your plan for tonight sounds delish!! I look forward to seeing a peep of those yummy books.

We will probably have a night in too. With this cold and miserable weather all I want to do is curl up under a blanket and enjoy a good movie on TV (Young Victoria looks like the candidate for tonight)

Good luck with your orders' final sprint before the holidays!

Have a lovely weekend.

Anne Marie

Good luck with the madness & yes please share photos from the books! :-)


I'm so impressed with how lovely your garden is looking Kris and I have to say that I am so glad you didn't move as your home is just gorgeous.

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