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Clever friends

This beautiful house was designed AND built by very clever friends of ours.

House 1

It is tucked away amongst sand dunes in a quiet part of the Mornington Peninsula, near great surf breaks like Gunnamatta.

House 2

It has been a labour of love for the owners, who lived in a caravan on site while the house was being constructed.  A surf in the morning, 'on the tools' during the day.  It sounds idyllic for the surf loving people they are.

House 3

They are selling this beautiful house, as they are now looking for the next piece of coastal land to do it all again.  It would be hard to leave this house though.  Will and I love it.  To us, this is beach house perfection.

You can see more photos on the real estate listing, while the link lasts.



how how could they part with it after all that hard labour....what a great house


oh perfection! after looking at sydney houses up here for 2 days straight that is just gorgeous! oh wouldn't I love that as my everyday house....

I love that when houses are built these days they just put everything in the right place and make everything bigger which suits those of us with more than the 2 children!

I am sure that will sell but oh how could you leave it! thanks for sharing, off to forward to my husband to drool over!


Anne Marie

It looks beautiful. What a luxury. I wouldn't have the heart to sell a house like this... :-)


That house is perfection, I want it quite badly. Lucky the one who buys it.

Posie Patchwork

Oh it's so lovely & yes, i'm with Corrie, as a fellow mother of 4 - now high school, they need space!! Cant't wait to build a homestead on our farm, will be brilliant, everything how we like & huge living space for them to run free, not to mention 150 acres. Oh it's sooo good!! Love Posie

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