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No angel

Yesterday was the perfect school holiday day.  The kind when everyone is happy and you are reminded that life is good.

We spent the morning in the city looking at Christmas decorations and being jostled by the crowds.  One of the department stores was giving away gorgeous angel wings.

Angel Adelaide

The afternoon was spent under the market umbrella in the backyard.  The boys laid out the picnic rug and spent an hour or two colouring their entries in the local pharmacy's colouring competition.  The prize is a giant jar of jellybeans.  There was much discussion over how big the jar is, who is going to win, would they share with their siblings if they did.

I love it that I can entertain four children for the day with a few simple props.

A friend and her daughter spent the afternoon with us.  We took her two big dogs to the local park and the boys took the two little girls down the slide again and again.  We came home and had dinner outside on the back deck.

Right now I'm not envying those of you reading this from a cold climate.  I do love our summer Christmases.



oh she is too cute for words!!!!! I can't wait for the day I can take all 4 into the city on my own

I do love a summer christmas:)



A summer Christmas is hard to beat!


Adelaide is just beautiful, and how adorable with her little angel wings! I can't believe how big she's getting, it seems like you were just announcing her arrival and now she's turning into such a little lady.

And today I am slightly envying you your summer was around 30 degrees F when I dropped the kids at school this morning!


22 degrees F and calling for snow. Gotta admit it though..snow falling, a roaring fire, Christmas tree lit up and hot just FEELS like Christmas.

Of course, once the holidays are over, I'm all for bringing back the HEAT!


She is too cute in those angel wings.
I love simple days like that, the kind that put a smile on your face that lingers on for a long time

I would not envy the weather this side of the world either. My toes are frozen I am sure. Still, Christmas sitting by a soaring fire is lovely too.
Enjoy the holidays.

Anne Marie

If she's not an angel, then who is!???

She's adorable (and you know it!) :-)

Summer Christmas sounds so strange... I think I ought to experience it, at least once in my life time.


we had a similar day last week, looking at xmas shop windows admist the crowds wearing wings and foam reindeer antlers. the home for a swim and dinner outside. after 5 days away on the sunshine coast and then home to plan our xmas eve party, i agree that a summer xmas is the best! happy xmas to you all!


My it has been such a long time since I last visited you... your youngest has grown so much! Precious.

Catching up now.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Blessings throughout the New Year


Wow a summer Xmas. This sounds so incredible. I can't imagine how it can be. It's been always cold here and snowing here for Xmas. Well maybe apart this year. LOL.

Your little angel is sooo cute. I'm reading your blog from today's day and going backwards. It's soo amazing. You are so talented :).

Regards from Poland

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