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After making a bearnaise sauce last night I was left with several egg whites.  I decided to make meringues, which we will have tonight with strawberries from the strawberry farm near Flinders and fresh whipped cream.

Meringues before

The meringues look so beautifully glossy before they are baked.  And with this very detailed recipe it's hard to go wrong.

Meringues after

Here they are out of the oven, having taken on a slightly bronzed hue.

These are a hit with my children, and fun to make.  I know meringue in some shape or form will be on our New Year' Eve menu, along with another batch of bearnaise sauce to go with the main course.



funny how making bernaise sauce or mayonnaise always produces meringues...takes me bak to my childhood!!


love a meringue - but need to know kids can eat them outside! hoping for better weather this week.
your friends house is amazing. Imagine what the next one will be like?!


Thank you so much for the recipe Christine, I'm attempting my first pavlova this Christmas!

Anne Marie

My paternal grandfather had a bakery & pastery. I would get a meringue everytime I visited. In norway they are called "pikekyss" meaning "a girls kiss"

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