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Tomorrow is the day our whole family has been eagerly anticipating.  We are heading down to Three Hummock Island off the coast of Tasmania.

This year we are staying there for 10 days - our longest visit yet.  We have been looking forward to this since we were last there over Easter.

Golden Beach

I have been very busy organising travel itineraries for friends who will join us.  We have four groups of friends who will fly in for a few days each to stay with us.  By coordinating flights we can fly from Melbourne to the island at much the same price as a discount airline fare to Tasmania.

Every three days or so a plane will come in with one group, and depart with another.  Meanwhile we'll be busy in the homestead changing bedlinen and catering for our guests.

One friend has just sent a text to say she's thinking of organising an island 'Survivor style' treasure hunt with hidden immunity idols, clues and physical challenges for the adults and children to participate in.  Sounds like fun.  The boys will absolutely love that.

In preparation, today was a cooking marathon.  I have made:

  • mayonnaise
  • bĂ©arnaise
  • tuna dip
  • bolognese
  • Jamie Oliver's meatballs
  • ANZAC slice
  • chocolate brownie
  • meringues (or 'remangs' as Henri calls them)
  • a topping for fruit crumble
  • several marinades and sauces

I don't think we'll starve.


And a first for me - I've baked a few loaves of bread this year.  This is a Tuscan style breadmix that has a wonderful crunchy crust.  As soon as it was out of the oven I had that end piece covered in lashings of butter.  Yumm.  The boys have been devouring it hot from the oven after morning sessions at Little Nippers.



Sounds wonderful. I'd give anything to be anywhere but Brisbane at the moment. We've only had a handful of fine-ish days over the past 4 weeks of school holidays and the past 2 days have been torrential. Cabin Fever has struck.


hot bread is my weakness, I had to give away my breadmaker as it was getting out of control!!!

sounds like a dream getaway and I bet you are just looking forward to relaxing once all your jobs are done! that is an impressive cooking list


Heather Nette King

Remangs! I love it. My littlest christened pavlova "lovelova" and it has stuck. Have a wonderful holiday - it sounds divine.


happy holidaying! with all that lovely food in such a beautiful location bliss is guaranteed!


It all sounds very promising! I'm sure your are going to have a wonderful time. Happy holidays and have a good journey!!


What a beautiful place, and what an amazing menu! It sounds like it's all going to be wonderful, have a fabulous time!


Enjoy your holiday! It looks glorious - and your meal preparation is inspiring...


Good food and good company - a perfect holiday combo. Enjoy!


Sounds delicious! What lucky friends you have. Hope your vacation is wonderful!


Kris...I am praying for Queensland today...it looks terrible..I hope that you all of your friends and relatives are safe!

Brad Fallon

What lucky friends you have. I'm sure your are going to have a wonderful time.

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