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No mere trifle

What's in store for 2011

Do you like our horizon pool?

Swimming pool

We set this up on the front lawn at Flinders for Adelaide and her little friend.  Before long two big boys and their surf mats had found their way in.  There wasn't much room for little toddlers, but that didn't deter them.  Before long we were all in it together.  The perfect way to spend a hot, hot afternoon (even if the pool did have a slow leak).

2011 is going to be all about family for me. Looking after my little ones.  Two of the boys are starting at a new school.  I want to devote more time to baking lunch box treats, keeping a tidier house, cooking a wider range of meals - generally being a better mother.

Will and I have a couple of nice getaways planned for the two of us.  We will plan a family holiday as well.

I'm sure there will be time for sewing and creating, but I feel like my babies are growing up too quickly.  So I'm going to slow down a little and take more time to enjoy them.

Here's hoping 2011 is a great year for you all.  I have high hopes.



good for you! they are nice things to hope for and I'm sure you will be rewarded many times over with happy children (mind you I'm sure your house is tidy and your children eat well). I must say though that 4 children (no matter how old they are) just have so much 'stuff' and I feel like all I do 24/7 is tidy up after them!

happy new year


Happy New Year...
stop showing pictures of the beautiful warmth...when we are freezing our *&%# off!! Wish I was down under birthday would have come even sooner!


Great goal - it is mine as well. I had a very demanding year at work last year and with my first born starting kindergarten this year I am determined to be immersed in every part of the new things happening in my family this year. I have constantly found myself saying in regard to my kids "the time is going so fast!" :)


Bonne annee a vous Kris.
Ave baise et meilleurs voeux ...


So wise Kristine- before you know it you will be at a University Graduation!


Hi Kristine,
I've been working on my plan to do exactly the same thing - in the middle of a pantry clean up and I took a break {a little inspirational blog reading always does the trick} and found this post and thought “Dito”. Also I have to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your blog during the past year. Yours is one of my favourites. I'm also a mother of 4 little darlings and I love to sew for them as a creative outlet and your sewing skills are inspirational. I’ve decided I really need to enjoy the moment more {especially when I’m spending time with my little family) and not worry about what other zillion things I should be doing – if its important it will get done. So happy new year and good luck.


What lovely resolutions Kris - Adelaide and Isabella start high school this year - can you believe it ? - seems like only yesterday I was ordering dresses in small sizes for them from you - and Cordelia is starting school as well - again where did the last 5.5 years go with her? - so I think your plan to slow down and smell the family roses is a sound one - they do grow up awfully fast - as we can see from your lovely Miss Adelaide in all her lovely frocks and outfits.

I hope you find the work/life balance you are looking for in 2011 (and I will be searching for along with you).


Is that the same pool that you and I floated around in, heavily pregnant with Emma and Tom?? I think it might be!

Anne Marie

Happy new year Kristine! It sounds like you have it all planed out. Wish I were as organized about 2011.

Please don't quit sewing all together because I looove seeing all your beautiful and delicate cerations.


i too have enjoyed your blog this year, and have felt inspired to use my day well, always squeezing in some creative time. my youngest child starts school tomorrow, and i will be home alone. daunting, but a bit exciting too. i am determined to menu plan, include new meals, be cheerful with my kids and husband, and find some satisfying part-time work. oh and sew and knit MUCH more than ever before!

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