Now I am six
What a week



I keep and cherish my father's oil painting boxes. He was an artist by trade, and his favourite medium was oil.
From time to time I like to open them, smell them and think of him. They are such an evocative item!

Anne Marie

It all looks very beautiful... the wooden box and it's old oil colours still inside....

Earthly Joyride

Such a beautiful box - perhaps someone else in your family will use it one day ...


What a priceless gift. It's just beautiful.


Lovely keepsake!

I will be praying for your country as you prepare for this horrible cyclone. May mercy and protection be yours!


what a treasure!

p.s. I am in love with Townmouse! (and the name, I might add)
currently compiling a wishlist for my daughter's wardrobe.... :)

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