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A quilt in the making

My days have taken on quite a different focus this year.  I seem completely occupied with being a housewife and mother at the moment, which is making me wonder what on earth I was doing (or wasn't doing) last year.

I'm tipping more toward Bree Van de Kamp than Lynette Scavo these days, I'm surprised to say.  The boys are getting home baked cakes and gourmet chicken sandwiches in their school lunches and the ironing basket isn't full to overflowing.  I'm also on a mission to get fit and lose a few kilos.  My goal is wedding-day-weight and the deadline is March 7th, when Will and I are heading off to do a little skiing.  I've been trying to exercise for at least an hour every day, which I'm finding quite a commitment when in reality there aren't more than a few hours to spare each day.

So after all that I've been crashing on the sofa each night and chilling out with a little hand sewing.

Quilt block

This is the quilt pattern I decided upon after purchasing the bright solids I showed in my previous post.

Quilt planning 3

A few favourite antique quilts were inspiring me.  

Quilt planning 2

I couldn't determine whether it was the pattern or the choice of fabrics that I was drawn to, so I sketched them out for a better comparison.

Quilt planning 1

I decided on the last of the three sketches.  It was somehow airier and lighter, and featured more pink than the other two.  I'm not sure if I'll do mirror blocks as in the sketch, or whether I'll set them in a checkerboard pattern (alternating with a plain white block).  I'll make a few blocks and see what I think.

Quilt block detail

For now I'm enjoying this applique.  I haven't done it in years.



Such beautiful handwork, wow. And I could definitely use a little Bree in my life these days...

Beautiful pattern, colors and stitching. and your children are blessed to heave such a devoted mom!


Try committing to 3 pieces a day,no matter what life springs on you- it is amazing how quickly the blocks will come together!
This was suggested to me by a prolific friend and it really does work.
Even late at night ` a few pieces` is really soothing!
Love your design and colours-something qiute lovely about Antique quilts.
Best Wishes to you!


OH my you are SOOOO nat, it blows my mind. I've been appliquing for the past 12 months but I would be shamed to take a close up of mine! I'm very envious of your skills.


You are indeed a domestic goddess!!!

I am in awe of your skills Kristine; It looks beautiful, and I love that you have given it a white background.
I have never done any applique or quilting for that matter, so it all looks fascinating.

Have a lovely week!!

Alex Bonani

Hi, my name is Alex,
just wanted to say hi and congratulate you your beautiful appliqué project. The colours are lovely. Applique requires so much patience and precision work. Both I don't have....


Wow, that is some talent. I can sew but not like that & as for drawing out my own designs, I wouldn't even begin to start. Truly amazing. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece. x


That is absolutely beautiful applique...your work is so precise, and I love the bright colors!
I think it can be refreshing to be focused on domestic pursuits for a while, and then it seems inevitable that other opportunities come and take us away from hearth and home more...ebb and flow. Good for you for making the most of your current season of life.


oh it's beautiful!!!! well done, I'm definitely putting things into action so I can be more stay at home mummy than work at home mummy as it's full time just having 1 at school let alone 3!!!

good for you with the exercise, I get to the gym a few times a week now and am loving it. I just do classes but am toning up and I can pull on my skinny jeans but just can't do them up yet but I'll get there. It's those stubborn last few which are the hardest to lose!

keep up the good work, love a bit of quilting and stitching on the couch:)


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